Valgipus IV
D1area 38
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map

Japanese ヴァルギプスⅣ
Romaji Vu~arugipusu Ⅳ
Location Stellar Graveyard
Episode Episode 9: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth
Enemies Lv. 30 Nekomata x8
Lv. 33 Dullahan
Bonus rank 15
Symbols None
Panels None
prevmap Under the Moon
Nextmap Thurvean Sector

Japanese ヴァルギプスⅣ
Romaji Vu~arugipusu Ⅳ
Location Stellar Graveyard
Episode Episode 1: Super Dimensional Etna
Enemies Lv. 1/Lv. 65 Ghost x3 (x4 upon revisit)
Lv. 2 /Lv. 70 Zombie (First visit only)
Bonus rank 2
Symbols Lv. 1/Lv. 65 D1 Symbol Red 'ATK +50%'
Lv. 1/Lv. 65 D1 Symbol Red 'DEF +50%'
Panels Red
prevmap -
Nextmap Magnificent Gate

Valgipus IV is the first map in the ninth episode, Episode 9: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and the first map in the remake's Etna Mode.


Jennifer and Thursday got separated from Gordon in the crash. Meanwhile Laharl and his companions are investigating the Stellar Graveyard.

Typical StrategyEdit

Eight Nekomatas are in a 3X3 position, perfect for a Mage's spells (Star, preferably, since Resistances can leave one standing) or a character's multi-target skills. (The Sword's Winged Slayer skill is perfect.) Though there is no EXP Bonus like other maps of this design, it's a great place to level newly created troops, and get them up to speed.

Etna Mode StoryEdit

Etna's Prinny Squad buries a secret. However, now she needs a back-up plan, which consists of an unfortunate Prinny voluntueer and a pair of antennae.

Etna Mode StrategyEdit

This is the mode's first map. Three Ghosts surround a single Geo Panel with ATK+50% and DEF+50% effects active. Have Etna stand on this panel with the Prinny Squad surrounding her for an impressive defense. If she is using a Spear, Bow, or Gun, she can attack from behind her Prinnes, saving her from harm. If she is using close-range weaponry (Sword, Fist, Staff), have the Prinnies attack the Ghosts so that she can instantly kill them when they swarm her. When fighting the Zombie, have Etna take point while the Prinnies act as decoys. If things look grim, use one of the Mint Gums that Etna starts with. If worse comes to worse, don't hesitate to chuck a Prinny at the Zombie. (Though the Prinnies will explode, they cost only 1 HL to be revived, so not a big loss.)

Upon revisiting this map, the Zombie will be gone, but an extra Ghost will appear near the Geo Symbols.

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