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The Hunt for the Meowkin Pirates

Currently, I have been resetting many times on Floors 95-99 on a Legendary Water Gun in order to find the elusive and infamous Meowkin Pirates. I made sure I travelled down the Treasure Route and maxed out the Evil Area of my Item World Radar Evil Symbol. I have heard stories of people not encountering them for weeks while some people get the Meowkins on their first or second try. There are rumors of ways to increase your ways of encountering them such as going inside high ranked items, completing the X-Dimension Maps or having the rest of the P Flonzor X parts.

I created this blog post as I wanted to give my own opinion on RNG(Random Number Generator). I still wonder what are the odds of getting these Pirates to show up(probably less than 10%). In my opinion, NIS should have made the chances of getting these RNG based events to occur higher as it is mostly luck based. Disgaea 4 is my favourite Disgaea but they made it harder to access LoC than Disgaea 2 and especially Disgaea 3. I have already spent a day searching for them but to no avail. The only things I could think of even RARER than the Meowkins is encountering a shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon Main Series. The chances of that are 1/8192 or 0.0001% and I only encountered 2 of them out of the 4 main Pokemon games I own(Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold and Black).

I will update incase I actually find these cats.

UPDATE: Finally found them, I was levelling up a Crowbar(Rank 40 Monster Item) and when a pirate alarm went off, I closed my eyes hoping for the Meowkins to show up and they did! I also seem to encounter more Pirates in a Rank 40 Item than the Rank 1 Water Gun. Land of Carnage, here I come!

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