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Disgaea 4 Infinite Duping with PPS

Recently, I have been playing Disgaea 4 trying to get my Puppy Paw Stick to dupe off Heart Conservatives in the Chara World trying to max out my character's aptitudes. After around 50 runs or so, I did not get a single dupe and I was starting to get frustrated, being unable to dupe my Item God maxed out Trapezohedrons with 2.1 Million in each stat. I've read on some boards that the best way to dupe is by Item Assemby off of your own senators. It involves using clone panels to clone your own senators that voted nay with the item you want to dupe. The chances of getting this combination(A nay and Clone panels) are very rare and after a couple of resets, I luckily got this combination. Next I killed ever opposing senator except for my own and another and isolated the other Geo Blocks until there was only a clone panel. I threw my senator on the clone panel and had my Galaxy Skull use Slumber so he wouldn't move. After 525 turns or 2 hours, I got 50 dupes of my Super Trapezohedrons(renamed Infinity Crystal), enough for 16 characters and I had to stop right there since my warehouse was full from replacing my equipment. I consider this method to be the most effective way of mass duping items with the PPS in Disgaea 4. Although the Nay+Clone Panel combination is rare, it is very worthwhile especially if you have no luck getting another dupe with the PPS or have patched your game so you can't use the Rosen Queen Dupe Glitch.

Here is a list of steps incase if you want to use this method.

  • First, max out the Cam-Pain Board Evil Symbol's area up to 6 members, you can do this by going to Chara World of a Cam-Pain Board member and at the tenth floor, clear out the Geo Blocks and enter the mystery gate. 7 out of 8 times, there will be the Evil Area Developer who will allow you to expand the Evil Areas your character is part of for a mana fee.
  • If you have 6 copies of the item you want to dupe, equip each character part of the Cam-Pain Board with one copy.
  • If you have a friend with Disgaea 4 or a dummy account, you can set Network settings so that your friend's senators will appear in the assembly. Have your friend upload an Idol Senator, whenever the Idol Senator is next to your own senators, throw 3 bombs to make it loathe you and turn adjacent senators against you. This part is optional but helps improve your chances of a Nay.
  • Go to the Item World of any Item up to the 10th Floor and use a Mr.Gency's Exit. Save afterward.
  • Go back into your item, enter any of the 2 branching gates and hope the Item Assembly NPC is present, if not, then reset.
  • If the Item Assembly NPC is present, enter the assembly and choose a bill with a very low approval rate(such as Increase Movement).
  • Start the assembly, if there is no clone panel then reset.
  • If there is a clone panel, start the vote and hope one of your senators votes Nay. If not, then reset. If an Idol Senator is next to one of your Senators, throw 3 bombs for a guaranteed Nay from your adjacent Senators.
  • If there is a clone panel and your Senator says Nay, kill all opposing Senators except for one and your opposing Senators. Use a character to Lift the other senator.
  • Remove all Geo Effects that may hinder your character(i.e. Ally Damage 50%), until only Clone effect remains.
  • Throw your senator onto the clone panel, surround him/her with characters that have no counters or very few and have all 4 of them use Defend. You can also use Slumber which makes your Senator fall asleep for 3 turns and can be repeated.
  • Use your character with the PPS and kill every clone that appears until you get as many dupes as you want. The senator will not be cloned every turn so end turn if it happens. Due to the PPS's chance to dupe being 10%, don't expect very often dupes however, there is an unlimited amount of clones to dupe from, just have patience and keep killing clones until you get some dupes.
  • When you have all of your dupes, kill every enemy and exit out of Item World, save and congradulations for getting as many dupes as you want.

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