Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories map
Location Town Fields
Episode 1: The Overlord's Daughter
Enemies 3x lvl 1 Pvt. Prinnies
Bonus Rank 1
Geo Symbols none
Geo Panels {{{panel}}}
Previous map none
Next map Beginner's Map
or Reflection Pond

The Tutorial for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories consists of a single map.


Three Prinnies are on the path. Adell comments that place getting overrun with monsters. Rozalin, in an aside, thinks to herself how she is not going to lead Adell to Zenon. A Prinny throws a bomb at Rozalin; when she protests on the grounds that she is Zenon's daughter, the Prinny replies that it doesn't matter, because "our boss is going to take out Overlord Zenon." Indignant, Rozalin asks Adell what happens now, and confesses she does not know how to fight.


The game instructs the player on how to call allies out of the base panel, how to move them, how to instruct them to attack, and how to Execute the action. The player fights 3 level 1 Pvt. Prinnies, and then returns to Holt Village.