Practice Map

D1area 02

D1area 01

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Location Tutorial
Episode D:HOD: Prince of the Netherworld
Enemies Basics 1: 3x Lvl 1 Ghost
Basics 2: 4x Lvl 1 Ghost
1x Lvl 2 Hobbit
Geo Effects: 5x Lvl 1 Ghost
1x Lvl 2 Hobbit
Enemies in Etna Mode 5x Level 1 Ghost
Level 2 Hobbit
Bonus Rank D:HOD: 0
Etna: 1-4
Geo Symbols Basics 1&2: none.
Geo Effects: Lvl 1 Yellow HL +50%
Lvl 1 Null Def +50%
Lvl 1 Blue Exp +50% (Story)
Etna Mode:
Lvl 1 Yellow HL +50%
Lvl 1 Null Def +50%
Geo Panels Basics 1&2: none.
Geo Effects: Red & Blue
Etna Mode:
Red and Blue
Previous map none
Next map Magnificent Gate

The Tutorial in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness begins with some dialogue between Etna and Laharl, where Etna explains to Laharl how to move characters, cancel actions, and perform Combo attacks. This is Battle Basics 1; there are 3 Ghosts, and no Geo Symbols or Panels.

In Battle Basics 2, Etna explains Lifting and Throwing. Here there are 4 Ghosts and a level 2 Hobbit.

Next is Geo Effects. Etna and Laharl discuss how Geo Symbols affect Geo Panels. There are 5 Ghosts and 1 Hobbit. After dispatching the Ghosts and Hobbit, Etna and Plenair will instruct Laharl how to make more allies through the Dark Assembly.

Upon repeat, this map is named "Practice Map" and has the same enemy and geo panel layout as the Geo Effects tutorial, minus the 50% Exp Symbol.

Etna ModeEdit

The Etna Mode tutorial consists of Battle Basics 1, Battle Basics 2, and Geo Symbols. Upon completion, the map will change to "Practice Map," which is just the Geo Symbols map without a Exp +50% symbol.

This map is nearly impossible to lose. This map is ideal for bring newly created characters up to speed for a starting party. The Geo Panels are set to aid you, with HL +50% and DEF +50% effects active. Upon first visiting this map during the actual Tutorial, there will be an EXP +50% effect added to the red panels, which disappears upon revisits.

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