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The Super Robo Suit, often shortened to SRS, is a high-ranking Armor Item found in the Disgaea Series.

Its first incarnation was in La Pucelle: Tactics, being equipped to Baal in the Dark Shrine. Aside from greatly increasing the character's stats (exempting SP and INT), it increased movement by 3. Though the player was only meant to acquire the suit by defeating Baal, if the inventory was full and Prier had the Demon Lord title (thus allowing her to Purify Baal), he would join the party with the suit equipped. This trick could be repeated as many times as necessary, but it may be removed in the remake.

The SRS was found equipped to Baal, alongside the Nemesis, in Hour of Darkness. While increasing all the stats greatly, it also raised movement by 3 and jump by 30. By the postgame, it's not uncommon to have multiple SRS' equipped on all party members. There is a misconception, however, that it can be attained at the 100th floor of either a legendary Nirvana or Astro Suit.

The Super Robo Suit in Hour of Darkness and its remakes has 3000 DEF and 1500 in all other stats including its movement boosts and jumping power boosts. After stealing one from Baal, the player can obtain multiple copies by stealing it from the Item God 2. The Super Robo Suit has a special trophy icon like the Yoshitsuna and Hyperdrive.

Other AppearancesEdit

Disgaea 2Edit

The Super Robo Suit returns in Disgaea 2 as the rank 40 armor. It is obtained by going to the 100th floor of a legendary Infernal Armor in the Land of Carnage. Although it lost the movement and jump boosts, it provides a 6300 boost in DEF, 1500 in all other stats and HP is increased by 3000 as its base stats. Like in Hour of Darkness, it has its own special trophy icon.

Disgaea 3Edit

In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, the SRS became the rank 39 armor, largely to make room for the new Rank 40 armor, Antimatter Field. The Antimatter Field can be obtained from the 100th floor of a Legendary Super Robo Suit in the Land of Carnage.

Makai KingdomEdit

In Makai Kingdom, however, the Super Robo Suit became a usable vehicle, second in power to the Yoshitsuna .


  • The Super Robo Suit has appeared in every Disgaea game to date, however in the english release of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten it is replaced by the Super Mech Suit as the Rank 39 Armor. The japanese versions of the game still have the Super Robo Suit as the Rank 39 Armor.

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