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D1 Succubus Concept

The Succubus is a class from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It later re-appears in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.

Class OverviewEdit

The Succubus appears as a sexy female demon with long flowing hair, horns, a tail with a heart shape at the end, a skimpy two piece outfit, detached sleeves and thigh-high stockings. The Succubus tends to act playful and innocent but she can be quite deadly in battle. The Succubus also has a rather impressive intellect and can control various forms of Magic such as Fire and Healing. In the original Disgaea, Succubi, as evident in Chapter 5, are one of Laharl's big weaknesses, being very busty. Their abilities include both physical and magical ones. In the remakes, a Succubus named Antoire joins Etna's group in Etna Mode.


Tier Name Location
D1 Succubus 01
Terrible Cold, Ice Queen
D1 Succubus 02
Ice Queen
D1 Succubus 03
Cave of Ordeal 2
D1 Succubus 04
Warrior Maiden
D1 Succubus 05
Dark Assembly, Item World
D1 Succubus 06
Dark Assembly, Item World


Skill Name LV SP Effect Power Height
Hip Attack 5 8 ATK/HP Drain 125% 12/12
Thunderbolt 15 24 INT/None 75% 12/12
Evil Healing 30 38 INT/Heal 2x 24/24
Flying Sparks 50 62 INT/None 100% 12/12



  • A Succubus can be seen on the box cover of the game.

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