Strongest Overlord
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student
Enemies Thumb, Index Finger, The Bird, Ring Finger, Pinky, all lvl 6.
Bonus Rank 3
Geo Symbols none
Geo Panels none
Previous map Strongest Crossroad
Next map Ch.2: Mao's Heart -
Childhood Memories

Strongest Overlord is the first map in Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Almaz's desire to defeat the Overlord is based in a desire to protect a Princess. He doubts they will be successful.

Mao and Almaz are in the Dean's office; Mao admits he hasn't ever seen his Dad's face, and Almaz wonders how that could be. Mao tells Almaz to look around him; the floor is suspended in the extremely large hand of the Overlord; they are about as tall as one of his fingernails. Almaz realizes if the Overlord were to make a fist, they would be crushed; he prepares to run. Mao tells him to believe in him, in his power! Almaz points out it was originally his power, and that's why he can't believe in it.

Mao speaks to his father and tries to intimidate him.


The fingers are the targets. The Thumb can cast Star, the Index, wind, Pinky, ice, the Ring can heal, and the Bird is responsible for casting "Overlord's Fire Palm", which does pretty reasonable fire damage. Also it's an AOE. Getting this target down is priority.


Mao exuberantly celebrates his victory. Almaz wonders if his title was truly responsible. There is some rumbling, and the fingers regenerate. Some magic spells fly in and hit them; and Mao despairs of actually beating his father.

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