Strongest Garden
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student
Enemies 5x lvl 4 Catsaber
2x lvl 5 Mothman
Bonus Rank 2
Geo Symbols Null - Treasure Chest
Geo Panels Blue
Previous map Strongest Hallway
Next map Strongest Crossroad

Strongest Garden is the third non-Tutorial map in Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


A Prinny appears and gives a brief tutorial on Magichange.


Killing monsters on the blue panels will cause them to turn into Treasure Chests! A great way to get a slew of low-level items to equip on characters. The close Catsabers will aggro pretty readily, but a character will low counter will need to go 'fishing' to aggro the Mothmen and lure them back to the blue area. Don't forget to throw someone across to get the two chests on the island, as they are not there upon map repeat.

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