Strongest Entrance
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student
Enemies Raspberyl, lvl 4
Kyoko Needleworker, lvl 3
Asuka Cranekick, lvl 3
Almaz, lvl 1
Bonus Rank 2
Geo Symbols none
Geo Panels none
Previous map Tutorial (Disgaea 3)
Next map Strongest Hallway

Strongest Entrance is the first non-Tutorial/Practice map in Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Mao calls out for the legendary hero to show himself; Geoffry says the Herodar claims the hero is close. Raspberyl appears, claiming to be the "heroine of this game." Kyoko and Asuka compliment her on her delinquent skills. Her goal is to keep Mao on the straight and narrow honor student path; defeating Overlords is something delinquents do. Kyoko points out that in order to become a hero, Mao would need to become the Number 1 Delinquent.

A dark-haired boy in a red scarf appears, and believes that the demons Mao and Geoffrey are assaulting the "small children," Raspberyl and her friends. The boy identifies himself as "Almaz von Almandine Adamant, a hero!" Mao is elated to have found the hero, and Beryl is amazed also. Beryl plans to protect Almaz, in exchange for his autograph. Almaz is... confused...


Beryl doesn't seem to attack? But her friends are pretty painful. Kyoko can cast fire, and Asuka punches pretty hard. Almaz sits tight also. Gang up on one at a time, and perhaps only one or two characters will need rezzing.


Beryl compliments Mao on his abilities, and Mao just mocks her. Kyoko and Beryl claim it was just a warmup. She warns him to prepare for another round, and Almaz steps in and asks them to not fight. The class bell rings, and the girls run off to avoid being late. Almaz is glad Mao is safe, but Mao yells at him and he faints.

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