The Stronger Enemies Bill is a bill that can be passed at the respective Assemblies in all four Disgaea games.


The bill increases the level of all in-game enemies by 20%+2, and can be passed a total of 20 times for a maximum of 400%+40 levels increased. Or, to think of it in a simpler way, (original enemy level divided by 5 plus 2) is added on with each bill.

As an example, a level 1000 enemy would become level 5040 after all 20 bills are passed, gaining 202 levels per bill passed.

Its counterpart is the Weaker Enemies Bill, which negates one Stronger Enemy Bill.

Using this bill allows characters to face stronger enemies in familiar terrain to increase their character's power, and then by reversing it with Weaker, would bring enemies in the more difficult levels back down to size (such as Baal).

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days introduced the Even Stronger Enemies Bill which is the equivalent of 5 Stronger Enemies Bills if it is passed. It also introduced the Strongest Enemies Bill which is the equivalent of 20 Stronger Enemies Bill if it is passed.

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