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The Slime is a class in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

The Slime acts as the Monster version of the Heavy Knight; sporting extremely high DEF, and average ATK.

As a price, it is by far the class most vulnerable to Magic, (Fire in particular) with the lowest RES Aptitude of creatable classes. As such, sending in against Magic-casters will likely get it killed. Having Firefighter innocents and the Fire Body evility can help counter its Fire weakness.

To make matters worse, the Slime's offense is jagged; having no skills above the Power level of D. This makes it only sllightly better than a Prinny in terms of raw power. Having a level 100 Alchemist Innocent and the Poison Chance Evility can greatly improve its offence as a Level 100 Alchemist will give the Slime a 100% chance to inflict Poison status by a normal attack while Poison Chance will increase damage to enemies with poison status by 100%.

The speciality of the Slime lies in it's ability to spread the Poison status ailment.The Slime is one of few classes that specialize in Ailments. (Succubi with Deprave or Mothmen with Sleep are notable examples).

All of it's Evilities (Besides it's Core) are centered around strengthening the ailment in one way or another. Using these Evilities tactically will help the Slime pull it's weight in battle, as it's little more than a supporting attacker otherwise.

The Slime can take a lot of punishment but it can only dish it out with the right setup.

Class OverviewEdit

General StatEdit

  • Move: 3
  • Jump: 15
  • Range: 1
  • Throw: 7
  • Counter: 1
  • Critical: 5%
  • Resistances: Fire: -75% Wind: 0% Ice: 25%
  • Magichange Type: Spear


Green Slime 80% 110% 110% 140% 70% 70% 110% 90%
Red Blob 80% 115% 115% 145% 70% 70% 115% 90%
Blue Gelatin 85% 120% 120% 150% 75% 75% 120% 95%
Orchre Jelly 85% 125% 125% 155% 75% 75% 125% 95%
Grey Ooze 90% 130% 130% 160% 80% 80% 130% 100%
Black Pudding 90% 135% 135% 165% 80% 80% 135% 100%

Personality typesEdit

  • Slimy
  • Bouncy
  • Jellylike


Skill Name Power Stat Element Effect Height Range
Slimey Punch F ATK -


12/24 Fixed (2 vertical range)
Slime Cheer E ATK -


36/36 5
Jelly Fight D ATK -


18/12 Fixed (Point Blank & 2 vertical range with 3 horizontal line AOE)
Muscle Slime D ATK -


24/48 3 (Cross AOE)
Slime Swinger (Magichange) E




12/18 Fixed (Point Blank, result caster move 2 vertical range)
Slimega (Magichange) D ATK -


12/12 Fixed (Point Blank & 2 vertical range with 3 horizontal line, & 3 vertical range AOE, result caster move 4 vertical range )


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Requirement
Gel Body Damage decreased by 50% when receiving non-elemental attack. Initial
Poisonous Matter 50% chance to add Poison effect to normal attack. Tier 1 Level 1
Poison Chance Damage to targets affected by Poison increased by 100%. Tier 3 Level 1
Deadly Poison Poison damage of poisoned adjacent enemy increased by 100%. Tier 5 Level 1


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