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River of Lava
D1area 45
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Location Sea of Gehenna
Episode Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans
Enemies 4x lvl 33 Brownie
1x lvl 40 Sentinel
Bonus Rank 17
Geo Symbols Green
Geo Panels Green
Previous map Wasteland of Woe
Next map Searing Tyranny

River of Lava is the third stage in Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Enemy InformationEdit

Enemy Level/Number Equipped Items
D1 Faery 03
Level 33 x4 Procu-Spine
Magic Vest
D1 Galactic Demon 02
Level 40 Spiked Shell
Stealth Cape
Steel Armor
King Orb
D1 Symbol Green
Recovery 20%
Level 40 x2 -
D1 Symbol Green
Enemy Boostx3
Level 40 -
D1 Symbol Green
Attacks +1
Level 40 -
D1 Symbol Green
No Lifting
Level 40 -
D1 Symbol Green
DEF -50%
Level 40 -

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