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D2 Rifle Demon Concept
Main article: Rifle Demon

The Rifle Demon is a recurring monster class in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and its remake.

Their special ability allows them to have 100% accuracy and thus will never miss. Their Lover specialist gives them a +1.25% stat bonus per Lover level, instead of the normal 1%.

Due to their poor movement speed, it is recommended to give a Rifle Demon an item like Angel's Sandals or an Accelerator to make up for their poor movement. While slow, they are sturdy, with decent attack power behind their blows. They truly shine in the fact that they cannot miss, nullifying the Speed of Ninjas and assure that any attacks launched will always land.

Magichange is available in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The Rifle Demon's Magichange is a Gun.


Skill Name LV SP Effect Power Height Range
Death Blast 5 18 Atk: Star 110% 18/12 The three squares in a line in front of the Rifle Demon, which will end up one square behind where it started.
Extinction Beam 45 56 Atk: Star 120% 24/12 The four squares on each side of the Rifle Demon.
Deep Impact 100 104 Atk: Star 130% 12/12 A 5-square plus-sign centered two spaces in front of the Rifle Demon.
Armageddon 180 240 Atk: Star 160% 24/24 A single target in front of the Rifle Demon.


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