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Reflection Pond
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories map
Location Town Fields
Episode The Overlord's Daughter: 1.2
Enemies 4x Lvl 1 Pvt. Prinnies, 1x Lvl 2 Pvt. Prinny
Bonus Rank
Geo Symbols
Geo Panels
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Reflection Pond is the second map in The Overlord's Daughter, disregarding the tutorial maps.


Here a group of five Private Prinnies have met to supposedly show what they have found. The first four have a skull, but the last one has a lit bomb. Adell and Rozalin enter on the other side of the map. They talk for a while and during that time the bomb goes off. When it goes back to the Private Prinnies, the one that was holding the bomb is a blackish blue and as you look down the line it gets brighter into a bright cerulean blue.


There are five Private Prinnies, four in a row and one behind them. The row of Private Prinnies are level 1 while the one in the back is level 2. Be careful if this is your first time through because you are on a Enemy Boost +50% Geo Panel. The Geo Block from the beginning is to your left past the pond.

Dark WorldEdit

This map has an enemy boost x3, and there is a horrible Dark Sun effect, Game Over, after a few turns. The point of this one is to kill four Orc Masters and the one Orc King.

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