Raging Earth
D1area 31
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 怒れる大地
Romaji Okoreru daichi
Location Salamander's Breath
Episode Episode 7: Of Being an Overlord
Enemies 6x lvl 20 Zombie
Bonus Rank 12
Geo Symbols Red, Green
Geo Panels Red, Green
Previous map Column of Fire
Next map Crimson Plains

Raging Earth is the third map of Episode 7: Of Being an Overlord in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Enemy InformationEdit

Enemy Level/Number Equipped Items
Level 20 x6 -
D1 Symbol Red
Damage 20%
Level 25
D1 Symbol Red
Level 25
D1 Symbol Green
No Lifting
Level 25
D1 Symbol Green
No Entry
Level 25

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