The Quest Shop is a shop in Disgaea 5 which is available after beating Shriveled Vein, Episode 1-2 and is run by Kent, a skull Mage. The requests from clients differ and by completing quests, players can get rewards ranging from items to new Monster and Human allies, even Overlords. However, players can only hold on to ten quests at a time and can not accept new ones until one is completed in order to make room for another one. If players cannot complete important quests, they can abandon it and accept it later. Quests have a difficulty range of one to ten with one being the weakest and ten being the strongest. When a player completes a quest placed in a Netherworld, new quests will arrive.

Normal Quests Edit

These Quests can be accepted, any time, can be completed more than once and can range from easy to difficult.

Money Quests Edit

Episode 1Edit

Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Kills Needed Reward
In That Box The Lost Army's wooden box... What's Inside? Doesn't it bother you? It does, right!? Can you just go break it? I'll reward you. Worrying Maid May 1 Kill Lost Army Box 3 800 HL
One Step Forward This is the Netherworld Delivery Service with a Nekomata label. This is the busy season. We need new members! Combat experience a plus. Just bring 3 people. Non-Progressing Priest, Amatsu 1 Kill Martial Artist 3 1,000 HL
Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Item Items Needed Reward
Give Me Gum Give me gum. I don't mind if someone else already chewed it. It's even better if it was chewed by a cute girl. Half-Butted Imp, Pimpron 1 Item Collection ABC Gum 1 100 HL
Relax and Cheat! Wow, leveling up is such a pain! I want to gain EXP without fighting, so give me an EXP Potion Note. Handy Cleric, Ronnie 1 Item Collection EXP Potion I 1 1,000 HL
Thirsty Go buy me a Cafe au Lait. Run! Chimera Slave, Komanubis 1 Item Collection Cafe au Lait 1 300 HL
To Get Outside Sorry for the letter. I work in home security. I want to go shopping, but I don't have any clothes to wear. Please perpare some clothes for me. Please. Home Security Mage, Mokosu 1 Item Collection Wrinkly Clothes 1 400 HL
Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Netherworld Target Stage Times Needed Time Limit Reward
Practice, Dood! Sometimes it's important to relive the past, dood! Go clear Dried Up Wasteland again! ...In 1 turn, Dood!!! Bullish Servant Prinny, Niprinnius 1 Clear Stage Blood Parch Dried Up Wasteland 1 Within 1 turns 600 HL

Item Quests Edit

Episode 1Edit

Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Item Items Needed Rarity Reward
Specialty Magic I'm in trouble. I lost my Staff. If you give me a Staff, I'll teach you my special Magic. This is completely off topic, but there aren't many female demons with short skirts... Wind Mage, William 1 Item Collection Staff 1 Secret Scroll: Wind
Sounds Excellent (Heart) Isn't Medal of Unworth an excellent name for an item? I like this item a lot and give them out as gifts, but I ran out. If you bring me one, I'll teach you my magic. Super Succubus, Estel 1 Item Collection Medal of Unworth 3 Secret Scroll: Heal
This Is Nice The Basics of battles are materials. Quantity isn't a bad thing, but low quality is. If possible, you should go collect rare equipment and items. Detail-Oriented Maid, Ulara 2 Item Collection Any 10 Rare or better Secret Scroll: Extreme Hyper Guy
Trying To Cook Cooking is the best way to show feminine appeal! It doesn't match my character, but I think girls should be able to cook. I need ingredients. I don't care what you bring. Non-Cooking Monk, Shao 1 Item Collection Any 3 Rotten Garbage
Zzz... Zzz... ...Oh! Sleepy Witch, Noddy 1 Item Collection Bomb 1 Secret Scroll: Sleep Vaccine
You Work, You Lose Work? How lame. If you give me candy, then I might work hard. Unemployed Witch, Apricot 1 Item Collection Hard Candy 1 EXP Potion I
Tips on Water I specialize in the Water element. So, I can teach you a little about Water spells. Of course, I will have to charge you... Genius Magic Academy Student, Yukimi 1 Item Collection Common Orb 1 Secret Scroll: Cold Blessing
Secret Treasures Do you have a secret treasure? I heard that if you have one, you can be strong. If you have one, then give it to me. Then I'll give you a reward. Arrogant Samurai, Rumi 1 Item Collection Secret Treasure 1 Secret Scroll: Star
Late Bloomer Like I said, it's not your fault you can't release your full potential. You'll awaken with some insane power soon....You want me to work? Sure, I'll put my enormous power to work. Late Blooming Twin Dragons, Barnes 3 Item Collection Magic Extract 1 Secret Scroll: Power of Bowls

Episode 2Edit

Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Item Items Needed Rarity Reward
Strength is Power It's Axe time. Your speed will decrease, but in exchange, you can eliminate enemies quickly, which means you'll take less damage. All I need is a Belt to raise my ATK... Forceful Warrior, Goliath 1 Item Collection Belt 1 Secret Scroll: Axe Coach
Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Kills Needed Reward
Now Hiring, Dood Want to work with the Prinny Squad, dood? You can work together with unmotivated friends for little pay in harsh work conditions! Symbol:Refer a friend to get a gift! High Strung Prinny, Prinnicof 1 Kill Prinny 1 Mana Potion I (Rare)
Don't Sharpen Nails I'm in trouble. My Slumber Cats keep scratching me. I keep telling them I'm not a tree... Can you scold them for me...? Cat Hating Alarune, Sophia 1 Kill Slumber Cat 5 Light Shield (Rare)
Muscle! Muscle! What mighty beautiful muscles you have! Show me those arteries that shine during battles! Muscles! Muscles! Warrior Body Builder, Bill 1 Kill Warrior 3 Brawny Muscle (Rare)
Rock-Paper-Scissors Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with me! The rules are easy. Whoever's standing at the end wins. By the way, we ca only use rock. Rock-Paper-Scissors Fighter, Gin 1 Kill Martial Artist 3 Secret Scroll: Espoir
Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Stage Times Needed Reward
Potential Paralysis Do you know the Paralysis ailment? If you're paralyzed, you can't move and your SPD becomes 1. But if you have this secret scroll...!? ...Oh, my leg fell asleep. Hold on... Paralysis-Loving Samurai, Sazanka 1 Clear Stage Any 1 Secret Scroll: Paralysis Vaccine
Appeal of Swords As the head of base security, Swords are the best weapon. Choosing a Sword over a Spear was tough, but a Sword can adapt to any situation. Fight with a Sword... Head of Security, Aegis. 1 Clear Stage Any 2 Secret Scroll: Sword Coach
Physical Attacking We, Archers, often have to support our allies with physical attacks a lot. That's why there's a need to strengthen our physical attacks. Now, let's actually give it a try. Veteran Archer, Kaede 1 Clear Stage Any 4 Secret Scroll: Power Shot
Name Description Difficulty Goal Target Kills Needed Target (green) Kills Needed Target Lv Reward
Tips on Wind Um, I'm really good with the Wind Element. I'll teach you tips on using Wind Spells, so I want you to take me with you. Oh, I'm not going to fight. I'm just going to teach you. New Magic Academy Student, Nana. 1 Kill Any 7 Secret Scroll: Wind Blessing
How to Use Armor Since Mages fight from the back, they're very light on armor. But, the front row won't always protect them. I want them to experience how it feels to lack defense. Knight-in-Training, Catrina 1 Kill Magician 2 Witch 2 Secret Scroll: Armor Tutor
Working Hard? To live in the Netherworlds, you have to undergo some tough training. Can you accomplish my challenge? Good Luck! I'm cheering for you! Training-Loving Valkyrie, Ayla 2 Kill Any 5 Higher than 10 Maiden's Chihaya (Rare)
Homework I'm thinking about doing homework that I was supposed to do over 30 years ago. Can you start with collecting a bug specimen? Belated Imp, Samard 2 Kill Winged Warrior 3 Fairy 3 Secret Scroll: Insect Lover
Wound Healing I got wrecked during the battle the other day, so I'm miiissing a lot of my body. At this rate, can you just go collect the parts I'm missing from another Sludge? Chipped Sludge, Nikogori 1 Kill Sludge 5 Secret Scroll: Auto Recovery

Important Quests Edit

These quests can be completed once, and appear when a chapter starts, but the rewards range from HL to items to even new allies to recruit

Money Quests Edit

Episode 1Edit

Name Description Difficulty Chapter Goal Target Netherworld Target Stage Times Needed Reward
Combat Lecture You could say that Madame Seraphina is "extremely" new at combat, dood. ...I'm sorry, Sir Killia, but please teach Madame Seraphina how to fight. We beg you, dood. Seraphina's Prinny Servant 1 1 Clear Stage Blood Parch Dried Up Wasteland 1 500 HL

Item Quests Edit

Episode 1

Episode 2

Recruit Quests Edit

These quests allow you to add new units to the Recruiter. These quests require a unit's Class Mastery to be achieved.

Episode 1Edit

Name Description Difficulty Chapter Goal Mastery Needed Mastery Needed (secondary class) Reward
Stealing Specialist Us thieves specialize in Stealing! Do you need our help? Then we would like to see your full strength! Prospective employees have to be strong (star). Thief Rep, Colette 2 1 Achieve Class Mastery Brawler rank 2 or better Recruitable: Thief
Hunter Intern We are Archers, and we are looking for a Netherworld where we can train new members. If you can show us your strength, then we will dispatch for you. Archer Rep, Amelia 3 1 Achieve Class Mastery Fighter rank 2 or better Healer rank 2 or better Recruitable: Archer
Seeking Partner We are Gunners, and we are looking for partners for our missions. We're looking for people who're compatible with us on the battlefield. If you qualify, we'd like your help. Gunner Rep, Carlo 3 1 Achieve Class Mastery Fighter rank 2 or better Mage rank 2 or better Recruitable: Gunner
Impregnible Guard We are Armor Knights, who exist solely to protect our master. Do you want to hire us? If you need us, we're willing to go anywhere. But we expect our master to be strong. Armor Knight Rep. Eleanora 4 1 Achieve Class Mastery Fighter rank 3 or better Brawler rank 3 or better Recruitable: Armor Knight
Magical Warrior We, Magic Knights, are rare beings who can attack physically while wielding magic. We are a little odd, but we can surely be of help to you. But only if you're worth it... Magic Knight Rep. Sierra 4 1 Achieve Class Mastery Fighter rank 3 or better Mage rank 3 or better Recruitable: Magic Knight

Episode 2 Edit

Human Recruits

Monster Recruits

Name Description Difficulty Chapter Goal Target Item Items Needed Reward
Pranking Footsteps If you want me, an Imp, to become an ally, then go steal an item! Stealing is a demonic art form. It's an easy enough task to perform! Hahaha! Imp Rep, Brownie 1 2 Item Collection Any 1 Recruitable: Imp
Orc Pride Oink! If you want our help, then just give us something, oink! Then we'll accept you as an underling! Orc Rep, Pigbootin 1 2 Item Collection Any 1 Recruitable: Orc

Skill QuestsEdit

These quests require the player to perform various tasks involving skills, given either by the owner of the Data Shop, Thatcher the Mothman or the owner of the skill shop, Francesca the Heavy Knight.

Name Description Difficulty Chapter Goal Target Category Collection Rate Needed Reward
Let's See a Skill! Weapon Skills, unique skills... Skills have their very own distinct characteristics. Would you like to see Different skills? Data Shop, Thatcher 3 2 Achieve Record Special Skill Collection Rate 10% Tri-Colored Mochi
Name Description Difficulty Chapter Goal Target Category Lv Needed Reward
Let's Use Skills The more you use a skill, it's level will rise and you'll be able to activate it more efficiently. Which means, the SP cost will go down. Use one skill a lot to see for yourself. Skill Shop Francesca 1 2 Achieve Record Master Special Skill 10 Mana Potion I (Legend)
Enhancing Skills! Have you ever enhanced your skills? Enhancing skills will increase the SP cost and damage dealt. First, let's increase the Enhance Level to 3. Skill Shop Francesca 1 2 Achieve Record Strengthen Special Skill 3 Bloody Orb (Legend)

Overlord Quests Edit

By clearing various chapters, Overlords in the games story become recruitable.

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