The Promotion Exams are a unique feature to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes. They are fights against certain enemies, and when the enemies are defeated, the particular character that passed them may be allowed to suggest new bills to the Dark Assembly. It also causes higher level senators to appear, as well as the Dark Assembly's 'Influence' (the total level of all the senators who are showing up combined) to reach higher levels.

The battles all take place on the same battlefield, and there are no Geo Symbols to worry about.

The only limitation to the Promotion Exams is that the character who goes into the Promotion Exam is the only one who is allowed to battle. The Home Base does not exist, so no new characters can be called out by the player.

Also note that if a character Reincarnates, their Promotion Rank is reset, and must be re-acquired by taking each Promotion Exam again.

Promotion Exam FightsEdit

Promotion Exam 1Edit

Lv. 2 Zombie x 3
Lv. 4 Ghoul

Promotion Exam 2Edit

Lv. 5 Ghoul x 2
Lv. 8 Corpse

Promotion Exam 3Edit

Lv. 9 Hobbit x 3
Lv. 12 Gremlin

Promotion Exam 4Edit

Lv. 20 Guardian x 2

Promotion Exam 5Edit

Lv. 25 Nightmare x 2
Lv. 30 Dark Knight

Promotion Exam 6Edit

Lv. 34 Wraith x 3
Lv. 40 Ekim

Promotion Exam 7Edit

Lv. 42 Red Skull x 2
Lv. 45 Male Centurion
Lv. 50 Majin

Promotion Exam 8Edit

Lv. 60 Decoy x 3
Lv. 70 Serpent

Promotion Exam 9Edit

Lv. 80 Dragon x 2
Lv. 100 Ahzi Dahaka

Promotion Exam 10Edit

Lv. 120 Lilim x 3
Lv. 150 Neuntoter

Promotion Exam 11Edit

Lv. 200 Wight x 4
Lv. 250 Shaitan

Bills that can be passedEdit

In order to successfully pass any bill, the number of 'Yea' votes must be greater than the number of 'Nay' votes plus the mana cost of the bill. (Yea > Nay + mana cost ). Otherwise, the player is allowed to either give up, or pass the bill by force, in which case all 'Nay' votes will storm right at the character and attack. The player is allowed to summon more characters from the home base, and if all the 'Nay' senators are defeated, the bill will pass.

Also, in order to be able to request a bill, the Dark Assembly's 'Influence' (total level of all senators combined) must be equal to or above the mana cost of the bill.

Note that each bill requires a certain amount of Mana in order to be proposed. If a bill does not pass, the mana spent is lost.

Bill Name Promotion Rank needed Mana required Description
Create a New Character 0 Varies Allows new character creation. Mana cost varies (see Reincarnation (Term) for more info). Only Distinguished and Genius creations require Assembly approval.
Delete a Character 0 0 Deletes character and all equipment attached to character. Story based characters cannot be deleted. Does not require Assembly approval.
Change name 0 0 Changes name of character. Story based characters can't change their names. Does not require assembly approval.
Promotion Exam 0 0 Character takes on a promotion exam (see above). Does not require assembly approval.
Raise Military Funds 0 10 Increases money by votes of senators. Beware, senators despise this proposal
More Expensive Stuff 1 10 + 20 per times passed (up to 12 times) Increases the shop's product rank by 1, allowing player to buy better, but more expensive stuff
Cheaper Stuff 1 10 Lowers the Shop's product rank by 1
Eyewear Inventory 2 30 Adds Glasses to Shop's inventory. Can only be passed once.
Belt Inventory 2 30 Adds Belts to Shop's Inventory. Can only be passed once.
Shoe Inventory 2 30 Adds Shoes to the Shop's Inventory. Can only be passed once.
Transmigrate 3 100 + Reincarnation Costs Restarts character at level 1. See reincarnation for more info. Does not require Assembly approval.
Improve Counterattack 3 300 Raises a character's Counter value by 1. Can only be passed once per character.
Improve Movement 4 500 Raises a character's Movement value by 1. Can only be passed once per character.
Triple Exp. 4 100 The next enemy defeated gives triple the amount of Experience. Only applies to the very next enemy kill after the bill is passed.
Bonus Gauge Boost 4 100 Next battle has Bonus Gauge boosted randomly by 1 - 4 levels.
Prinny Day 4 100 Only Prinnies are allowed on the next map, but only items will be on the bonus gauge.
Stronger Enemies 5 100 + 50 for each time passed, up to 20 times Makes all enemies stronger, including those in the Item World
Weaker Enemies 5 10 Negates one 'Stronger Enemies' bill. Makes enemies weaker, and also lowers cost for Stronger Enemies bill by 50.
Prinny Land 5 400 Opens the gate to Prinny Land. Can only be proposed after episode 9.
Cave of Ordeal 6 700 Opens the gate to the Cave of Ordeal.
Human World 7 1500 Opens the gate to the Human World. Can only be proposed in the last episode. Senators dislike this proposal.
Alternate Netherworld 8 3000 Opens the gate to the Alternate Netherworld. Senators hate this proposal.
The Mysterious Seal 9 5000 Opens the gate to Beauty Castle. Senators despise this proposal.

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