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Main article: Orc

The Orc is a recurring monster class in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and its remakes.

They always obey anyone who is a higher rank and always act as a troop, led by a commander.

Their special ability allows them to deal +25% ATK damage when their HP is in critical; Lover specialists increase this by +1% per Lover level.

Magichange is available in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The Orc's Magichange is an Axe.


Skill Name LV SP Effect Power Height Range
Orc Combo 3 6 Atk: Debuff Def -10% 110% 12/12 A single square in front of the orc.
Orc Attack 18 24 Atk: AMN 30% 110% 12/12 The square in front of the orc, and each square to the left and right of that square.
Orc Throw 38 68 Atk: Debuff Def -20% 140% 12/12 A single square in front of the orc.
Orc God! 68 146 Atk: DPR 40% 150% 24/24 A 3x3 pattern, centered on any square within 4 of the orc (free range).


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