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No.1 Delinquent
BerylSpriteD4Raspberyl d3s
Japanese No.1の不良
Romaji No.1 no Furyou
Move Range Counter Jump Throw
4 3 2 20 4
Fire Wind Ice
50% 25% 0%
90% 120% 90% 100%
130% 120% 100% 100%
Base Stats
20 16 12 10
20 18 12 12
Weapon Skills
Sword Spear Axe
- - -
Gun Bow Fist
- - -

No.1 Delinquent is Raspberyl's class in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

How to Obtain: Beat the game and Extra Stage 2. Extra Stage 3, "Volunteering" is unlocked by passing "The Legendary Delinquent Appears!" bill. She remains mostly unchanged from Disgaea 3 except she can Magichange into a Staff instead of a Sword, cannot learn Fire skills from the Evility Shop and must learn them through Chara World. Like in Disgaea 3, Raspberyl is a potentially powerful character due to her native Evility increasing damage to higher levelled enemies and her "Law by Range" Evility extending the range of her magic attacks by 2 spaces. She has high INT making best suited as a spellcaster coupled by her Evilities.

Reincarnation Costs
Good for Nothing Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 Mana 10 Mana 50 Mana 200 Mana 1000 Mana 5000 Mana



Skill Name Power Stat Element Height Range
D-Rule 1: Morality F INT - Fixed (2 vertical range with 3 horizontal line AOE)
D-Rule 2: Volunteer E INT - 3(Cross AOE)
D-Rule 3: EcoFriend C INT - 5 (X AOE)


Weapon: Staff

Skill Name Power Stat Element Height Range
Imperial Cross C INT - 4
Delta Extreme D INT - Fixed (Point Blank & 2 vertical range with 3 horizontal line & 3 vertical range with 3 hoizontal line & 4 vertical range AOE)



Evility Effect
Fire BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving fire attack
Windy BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving wind attack
Cool BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving ice attack
Star BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving star attack
Life's BreathBase HP increased by 5%.
Mind DisciplineBase SP increased by 5%.
Muscle EnchancementBase ATK increased by 5%.
Iron BodyBase DEF increased by 5%.
Pool of KnowledgeBase INT increased by 5%.
ReflexesBase SPD increased by 5%.
Dynamic VisionBase HIT increased by 5%.
Mystic ProtectionBase RES incresed by 5%.
Poison VaccineChance to evade Poison effect increased by 50%
Sleep VaccineChance to evade Sleep effect increased by 50%
Paralyze VaccineChance to evade Paralyze effect increased by 50%
Forget VaccineChance to evade Forget effect increased by 50%.
Deprave VaccineChance to evade Deprave effect increased by 50%
Ailment ImmunityTeam attack chance increased by 20%
Impromptu Team attack chance increased by 50%


Evility Effect Requirements
Love Thy HeartIf enemy level is higher, damage dealt increased by 20% Initial
Law by Range Magic range increased by 2, but 50% more sp used. Level 30
Helping HandDecrease the damage on an ally who used Protect by 50% Level 60

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