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Disgaea 4 has a new feature that allows you to fuse two monsters together to make a bigger more powerful monster that has larger AoE range. For example the Prinny's first ability Prillin Bomb that originally hits one space turns into a skill that hits a line of three spaces instead. The stats are determined by adding 30% of the monsters Base (Unequipped) stats to the monster you are fusing into unless you are using the fusion lover innocent where it uses 55% of the monsters stats. A evil symbol allows you to use 30% of a monsters Modified(Equipped) unless again you are using the fusion lover innocent which gives 55% instead.

To unlock Monster Fusion, the player must play Stage 1-3 first before the Fusion Command is unlocked.


  • Both Monsters fused will gain EXP and Mana
  • The giant Monster's skills will have increased areas of effect and increased power.
  • The giant Monster will gain 30% of the other monster's stats that fused with it.
  • The giant Monster can also Magichange with a Human(requires Fusion Lab) to increase their special skills.
  • The giant Monster will be able to knock opponents into different panels by simply walking into them.


  • The Giant Monster requires 5 spaces in the form of a cross to fuse.
  • The Giant Monster loses 20% of maximum SP for each turn and after Fusion ends, both monsters will be left wilh zero SP.
  • The Giant Monster will be counted as 2 units if it is defeated.
  • The Giant Monster loses mobility and cannot fit into tight spaces, it also becomes a larger target for enemies to hit.

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