Mediators are a type of Specialist that debuted in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and appear in every Disgaea game onwards. They can appear in common (not in Disgaea 2), rare, and legendary items. The cap for a single Mediator is 100, but this reportedly gives only a 70% chance for the desired effect to occur.

When a Mediator and two other subdued Specialists are present in an item, and the player enters the Item World of that item and progresses to the Innocent Town after level 10, the two specialists may combine to form a dual-stat specialist. The potential combinations are:

If there were unsubdued Specialists in the item before the player entered the Item World and the player subdued them, the player should consider using a Mr Gency's Exit before entering the Innocent Town and removing those specialists to avoid losing control over what dual-stat specialist may be created.

The newly-created dual-stat specialist will be unsubdued, and the player must subdue them via normal means in order to control them. Although in Disgaea 4, the newly-created dual-stat innocent will be already subdued.

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