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Male Healer (Disgaea)

The Male Healer is a starting class in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The difference between a Male Healer and its female counterpart is that the male has less of an aptitude in HP and Defense, but a better aptitude in Hit and Attack.

A healer is a requirement of any good Disgaea team, as a player's characters will require healing on some of the larger maps when enemy numbers are far greater than the player's, during long trips into the Item World, and to heal status problems, which frees up a player's inventory of HP healing items.

Since the healer is the only starting class that has a semi-good proficiency in Bows, many players like to initially equip their male or female cleric with a Bow to unlock the Archer class, and also to earn some Mana. Once the archer is unlocked, players will often switch weapons to the Staff, which the healers are much more proficient with, and also create a pupil for the healer so the healer can also learn offensive magic.

Note that the Male Healer has higher Aptitudes in ATK and HIT than his Female Counterpart, but has even weaker HP and DEF than she does. They are both equal in INT power, though.

Male Healers should be kept at Long-Range at all times, attacking with Bows or Offensive Magic while supporting allies with Healing spells. Muscles can be given to a Healer, allowing them to eat more attacks, ensuring survival against high-level enemies.


Tier Name Requirements
D1 Male Healer 01
Male Cleric
From Start
D1 Male Healer 02
Male Priest
Level 5 Male Healer
D1 Male Healer 03
Male Bishop
Level 12 Male Healer
D1 Male Healer 04
Male Sage
Level 25 Male Healer
D1 Male Healer 05
Male Prophet
Level 50 Male Healer
D1 Male Healer 06
Male Saviour
Level 100 Male Healer


Skill Name LV SP Effect Power Height
Heal 1 4 Recovers HP 1x 24/24
Mega Heal 10 15 Recovers HP 4x 24/24
Giga Heal 25 40 Recovers HP 12x 24/24
Omega Heal 50 100 Recovers HP 40x 24/24
Espoir 7 10 Cures Status - 24/24
Magic Wall 15 8 Res +20% - 24/24
Shield 9 8 Def +20% - 24/24


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