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These are all of the spells that can be learned by human classes in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Fire 4 SP36/36N/A
Mega Fire 10 SP36/36N/A
Giga Fire 25 SP36/36N/A
Omega Fire 60 SP36/36N/A
Tera Fire 150 SP36/36N/A


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Ice 4 SP36/36N/A
Mega Ice 10 SP36/36N/A
Giga Ice 25 SP36/36N/A
Omega Ice 60 SP36/36N/A
Tera Ice 150 SP36/36N/A


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Wind 4 SP36/36N/A
Mega Wind 10 SP36/36N/A
Giga Wind 25 SP36/36N/A
Omega Wind 60 SP36/36N/A
Tera Wind 150 SP36/36N/A


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Star 6 SP36/36N/A
Mega Star 16 SP36/36N/A
Giga Star 40 SP36/36N/A
Omega Star 100 SP36/36N/A
Tera Star 200 SP36/36N/A


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Heal 4 SP24/24N/A
Mega Heal 15 SP24/24N/A
Giga Heal 40 SP24/24N/A
Omega Heal 100 SP24/24N/A
Espoir 10 SP24/24Cures Ailments


Skill NameCostRangeEffect
Braveheart 8 SP24/24Raises Attack
Shield 8 SP24/24Raises Defense
Magic Boost 8 SP24/24Raises Intelligence
Magic Wall 8 SP24/24Raises Resistance

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