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Classes of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Male Martial Artist Known mostly for their excellent use of Fists, this class starts out unlocked from the start.

Female Martial Artist The female version of the brawler, this class has a close aptitude match with the male version, save for a few differences. This class is unlocked from the start.

Male Warrior A warrior known best for its mastery of the Sword and Axe, this class is unlocked from the start.

Female Warrior The female version of the warrior, this class better masters the Spear over the axe. This class is unlocked from the start.

Mage Known primarily for their magic skills, the mages also need to be protected, due to their low defense and health. This class is unlocked from the start.

Skull The male version of the Mage, it has a slightly higher Hit aptitude but a lower Speed aptitude over the female mage. This class is unlocked from the start.

Archer Archers are known to excel in the use of the Bow. To unlock this class, a player must have a character with a Weapon Mastery level of 3 in Bow.

Male Cleric The male healers, known best for their healing magic and excellent abilities with the staff. This class is unlocked from the start.

Female Cleric The female counterpart to the males. While having a lower ATK and HIT aptitude, they have a higher HP, SPD, and DEF aptitude than their male counterparts. This class is unlocked from the start.

Strider The Geo masters of this game, the scout is best with guns, and has two skills that are unique to its class. To unlock this class requires a Brawler (any gender) and a Warrior(any gender) at level 5 or higher to exist at the same time on the players' team.

Samurai The masters of Spears, Swords, and Axes, with high aptitudes to boot, the samurai's are often the best all-around humanoid characters. To unlock this class requires a Female Brawler and a Female Warrior at level 10 or higher to exist at the same time on the players' team.

Ninja While their mastery of fists is like that of the Brawlers, what a Ninja is known best for is it's 110% aptitude in speed, allowing it to evade even magic attacks. To unlock this class requires a Male Brawler and a Male Warrior at level 10 or higher to exist at the same time on the player's team.

Thief Horrible aptitudes, stats, and weapon mastery. So why have a thief? The only character who's able to have a 99% chance to steal from enemies, who fills up the bonus gauge faster, and the only class (other than Thursday) who are able to steal stats from enemies. To unlock a Thief requires a Brawler (either gender) and a Warrior (either gender) of level 5 or higher to exist on the player's team at the same time.

Knight While their average ability in Weapon Mastery, stats, and aptitudes leaves a little to be desired, the knight can not only learn 3 elemental spells on its own, but when attacking normally, there is also a random chance that the knight will do a double attack by casting a spell as well! To unlock a knight requires a Female Warrior and a Mage at level 10 or higher to exist on the player's team at the same time.

Majin The ULTIMATE class…. And also the cheapest. All aptitudes are above 100% for all classes, they have excellent stats to top it off, and the Weapon Mastery level for all weapons is up high. They also make it way too easy to utterly destroy your enemies. To unlock the Majin class requires a Male Brawler, Male Warrior, Ninja, Strider, and Rogue at level 200 or higher to exist on the player's team at the same time.

Angel Great with Swords, Spears, Bows, and Staves, learning both healing and offensive magic, and with a 110% aptitude in RES, the angel will be known to last long in battles against mages, and most other characters. To unlock the Angel requires a Female Cleric, a Knight, and an Archer at level 100 or higher to exist on the player's team at the same time.

EDF Soldier The final humanoid class. Best known for their mastery of guns, and their very limited speech, the EDF soldier has terrific defense, but a terrible resistance. Beware the magic users! To unlock an EDF soldier requires a character on the player's team have a Weapon Mastery of 30 in gun.


Note: To unlock a monster class requires that you simply kill one. However, the cost to create one will be HUGE until you kill at least 30 of them, when the cost will finally even out. Locations for where to kill the creatures can be found in their class information, underneath each tier section.

Prinny It's those Prinnies, dood!! Your basic all-around monsters, whos stats are low to start, but get better as you go up the tiers. This class is unlocked from the start, and the player starts out with three of them on their team.

Great Wyrm Chaos in the monster class. The high stats of this creature, plus the rather wide ranges of its special attacks can cause destruction where ever it goes.

Faery Known mostly for their 'Demon's Breath' which causes sleep, and 'Comaraderie', which causes poison, this little buggers will cause you trouble wherever they may be.

Spirit The Spirit creatures. Their attacks are mostly based on intelligence, so only those with low resistances need to worry.

Golem Large and in charge. The Golems will often slam you around with their very powerful special attacks. Be wary when having to face one of these creatures.

Treant Looking like stumps with arms coming out of the top, the Treant is mostly known for its 'Putrid Breath', which can cause both Paralysis and Poison problems.

Winged "Hell Pepper", indeed. The best chance to cause poison lies in this creatures first special attack. Be wary of the power behind that attack. And it might make you demonically sneeze.

Dark Knight Often best in one-on-one fights, taking a Dark Knight on with a whole team is often your best strategy against these giant brutes.

Lantern A man with a pumpkin for a head, the lanterns are best in one-on-one fights, save for using their 'Jack Rush' attack. Never line up three people in a row with these guys around, or be prepared to face the wrath of these creatures.

Gargoyle Tall and Strong, the gargoyles are known most for their 'Minimize' and 'Cannonball' specials.

Shadow Again with attacks based only on intelligence, only those with low resistances need to worry.

Serpent A shark that learned to walk, the serpents have a wide range of special attacks, leading up to the final 'Supernova' special.

Galactic Demon A shield with eyes, the Galactic Demons have very high DEF and RES stats, and aptitudes. Hard to face out in battle, but best when they join your team.

Dragon The ancient creatures of destruction, each dragon class is linked to different specials that they can learn.

Undead Better known as 'Zombies'. They puke on you (creative move, huh?) and their final special 'Zombie Swarm', is known to cause horrible paralysis and poison problems. Not only that, but they have high HP, which makes them difficult to kill.

Nether Noble The pigs with royal dressings, their special attacks are strong and wide in range. Beware the final 'Megaton Crush', having rocks dropped on you is no laughing matter.

Beast The head of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the wings of a bat. Prepare for the monster mash, and beware its special skills!

Succubus Sexy demons with sexy attacks. Known best for the 'Hip Attack', which drains the target's HP and adds it to her own.

Kit Cat Strike it down, and strike it hard. The Kitcats are the other sexy demons, and they're playing for keeps. Known best for the 'Mystic Blast', and for the 'Delta Kick'.

Nosferatu Aka. Vampires. They even have vampire attacks! Beware the 'Chaos Force' when facing on these demons. At least they don't suck your blood. Wait, they do?

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