List of WeaponsEdit


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"Fist weapons are best for characters that are good at close combat, like Adell. For normal attacks, there's a slightly better chance to team attack, and there's two extra counter attacks. Another characteristic of the fist weapon is that damage depends on attack power (ATK) and speed (SPD). This means that even weak people can cover up for their attack power with speed. That's an important merit. Even if you increase attack power, if your speed is low, you won't do as much damage, so watch out for that. Skills that you can learn with fist weapon mastery include those that can move the opponent's position, so remember that. Adell, you're good with the fist weapon. It is most effective to train with the weapon you're best at."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Fist - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Triple Strike 1 ATK/SPD Pushes opponent back one space Victim is crippled by 3 lethal blows
Tiger Charge 3 ATK/SPD Pushes opponent back one space Modeled after a tiger stalking its prey
Lion's Roar 6 ATK/SPD  ?? Martial artists' specialty move!
King of Beasts 10 ATK/SPD Pushes opponent back two spaces Blindingly fast aerial combo
Rising Dragon 15 ATK/SPD moves opponent behind character
Big Bang 21 ATK/SPD Fire
No Way Out 30 ATK/SPD (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Fist - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Worn Gloves 1
Better than nothing, I guess.'
Hustle Gloves 2
I think your hands are on fire.'
Double Slap 3 4012001200
Sorry baby! Why you make me do that?'
Knuckles 4
Slide it into your right pocket and...'
Beat Down 5
Watch out bro, I'm comin' for ya!'
Playful Punch 6
Ow ow ow OUCH! It’s not funny anymore!'
Boxing Gloves 7 am I gonna hold my fork?'
Finger Snap 8
You brought this on yourself. Dance fight!'
Father's Fist 9
I’m not angry, I’m just upset. Now come here.'
Spiked Glove 10
Don’t hit me with that. It really hurts.'
Slap Back 11
Cook your own dinner from now on!'
Iron Nails 12
The perfect back-scratcher. Just be careful.'
Hoodlum Fist 13
A fair fight? What’s that?'
Iron Punch 14
Your daily supply of iron, in one easy punch!'
Massager 15
Guaranteed to give you a backache.'
Love Spankin 16
Oh my word! Don’t stop!'
White Tiger 17
2 men + tiger - common sense = disaster.'
Karate Chop 18
Not quite Judo, but works nonetheless.'
Knuckle Bomber 19
A bomb in your knuckle? Sounds dangerous.'
Flick 20
Hits so hard your kids will feel it.'
Gank 21
Youth violence is no laughing matter.'
Pata 22
A bladed glove. Is that allowed?'
Sumo Punch 23
Sumo Energy Yokozuna Overdrive Strike!'
Bagh Nakh 24
Beware the eye of this tiger...'
Cross Counter 25
Why is the final blow always in slow-mo?'
Butcher Hand 26
Wash it before you put it on.'
Poison Hand 27
This glove is not Finger-Lickin' Good.'
Bich'wa 28
It's not exactly a glove, but oh well.'
Burning Rage 29
A fiery fist fueled by your boundless rage.'
Hell Strike 30
Every hit is a killing blow. Cheater.'
Death Gauntlet 31
Gloves cursed by the Angel of Death.'
Fist of Anger 32
Water can flow or crash. Be like water.'
7 Year Kill 33
Not bad, but I wish it worked faster.'
Macho Fist 34
Tis but a scratch. I've had worse.'
Paradise Blow 35
Gives you peace in death.'
Golden Fist 36
Use it to pluck golden apples.'
100 Fists 37 20012079000790100100
75...87...93...are we about done here?'
Star Shatter 38
Finally, a way to punch the sun.'
God's Hand 39
Causes a Super Nova with every thrust.'
Ultimus 40
The very pinnacle of glove technology.'


Main article: Sword#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The sword weapon is the most generic weapon. I suggest it for beginners. There are a variety of skills that you can learn with sword weapon mastery, so they should be useful for many situations. If you're a character good with swords, equip a sword and train well."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Sword - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Blade Rush 1 ATK
Hurricane Slash 3 ATK Wind
Moon Slash 6 ATK
Winged Slayer 10 ATK
Dark X Slash 15 ATK
Dimension Slash 21 ATK Star
Ultra Overlord 30 ATK (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Sword - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other


Main article: Spear#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The spear is the next most popular weapon after swords. The greatest advantage of the spear is being able to attack someone 2 spaces away from you. Since you can attack away from the enemy, you can team attack and combo from the same space. The spear can also block attacks from the front, which is another trait of the spear. (*Blocks only occur from frontal attack) Another merit of the spear is that your defense (DEF) also increases. Skills that you can learn with spear weapon mastery may change your position after using the skill. The spear is a weapon that makes battle tactic variations more plentiful."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Spear - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Impaler 1 ATK
Lightning Spear 3 ATK
Asteroid Drop 6 ATK
Turbulence 10 ATK Wind Element
Divine Strike 15 ATK
Spear Storm 21 ATK Fire Element
Brunhilda 30 ATK (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Spear - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Replica Spear 1
It's fake, but at least it looks nice.'
Cross Spear 2
Used by holy warriors in ancient times.'
Pike 3
I'd be embarrassed to lose to this thing.'
Naginata 4
Specially crafted for both men and women.'
Obsidian Spear 5
Primitive but powerful.'
Ashigaru 6
Your standard, stabby spear.'
Beckdograban 7
Whatever it means, the name sounds strong.'
Du Sanga 8
It may look odd, but it's a spear. Trust me.'
Shogun Spear 9
Best used during one-on-one duels.'
Scorpion 10
Fashioned from the tail of a giant monster.'
Trident 11
Basically an oversized fork.'
Bone Spear 12
Good, but it could gain a few pounds.'
Benkei's Glaive 13
Useful when guarding bridges.'
Benten 14
Popular with ancient Chinese warriors.'
Shovsri 15
Modeled after bat wings. Spooky!'
Daimyo Spear 16
Used to protect travelling religious leaders.'
Carbon Spear 17
Carbon & diamond are the same, right?'
Demon Spear 18
Only looks right if a demon holds it.'
Twin Lancer 19
Twice the nice for half the price.'
Halberd 20
Cuts, jabs, spins, and makes julienne fries!'
Brave Lance 21
Discovered by a wandering hero.'
Bloody Cross 22
Soaked daily in the blood of the unholy.'
Valkeryie Spear 23
Takes you to Heaven and sends you to Hell.'
Elder Spear 24
Complains to younger spears.'
Hell Fork 25
Common utensil in most netherworlds.'
Death Spear 26
Has several deadbeat spirits living in it.'
Thunder Spear 27
Every strike is followed by a deep rumble.'
Triton Lance 28
Blessed by the fearsome Sea God.'
Primeval Spear 29
Oldest spear in the world. Be gentle.'
Singularity 30
You'll never find another quite like it.'
Lucifer's Spear 31
Its last owner didn't have great luck.'
Emerald Lance 32
Belonged to a powerful fairy. Glows green.'
Bruenack 33
Used to defeat a mighty Majin last Tuesday.'
Gungnir 34
Like a small dog, returns when thrown.'
Infernal Spear 35
Just right for up-and-coming Overlords.'
Pinaka 36
Once held by an ancient Goddess of Death.'
Gaea Spear 37
Contains the deepest secrets of the Earth.'
Beam Javelin 38
Built with the latest space-age technology.'
Holy Longinus 39
The Godkiller. How is that holy?'
Drill Emperor 40
The all-powerful, spear.'


Main article: Bow#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The bow is a long range weapon that allows you to attack an enemy from far away. For normal attacks, attack power (ATK) and accuracy (HIT) affect the attack. Even if you raise attack power, it won't be as powerful, so remember to raise accuracy too. The bow is useful with a large attack range. When equipped, the accuracy (HIT) increases, so it's fit to fight agile enemies. Skills that you can learn with bow weapon mastery have long distance, and have effect ranges of single to multiple enemies. Skills are also affected by attack power (ATK) and accuracy (HIT). Also, bow skills may also induce abnormal effects. The best use for the bow is to have a low defense character attack from a distance to include him in combos. If the final attack is done with a bow, there's a chance to get a treasure chest."
   —Adell's Father

In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Bows are ranged weapons that use Attack and Hit to calculate damage. An attack with a Bow has a 30% chance to turn an enemy into a Treasure Chest if the attack kills it. The Chest is usually at the attacker's level, its contents affected by the map's Bonus Rank.

Disgaea 2:CM Bow - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Poison Blast 1 ATK/HIT Causes Poison, Water element
Raiden Missile 3 ATK/HIT Causes Deprave
Delta Split 6 ATK/HIT Causes Sleep
Zielregen 10 ATK/HIT Causes Paralysis, Fire element
Doppelganger 15 ATK/HIT Causes Amnesia
Omega Comet 21 ATK/HIT Ice element
Salamander Bow 30 ATK/HIT Fire element (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Bow - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Toy Bow 1
You've gotta be kidding.'
Wooden Bow 2
It's wooden. It's a bow. It's a Wooden Bow.'
Long Bow 3
It's really not that long...'
Silver Bow 4
Silver keeps evil away.'
Elven Bow 5
A famous elf used it to return a lost ring.'
Assassin Bow 6
Best if shot from a grassy knoll.'
Yggdrasil Bow 7
Fashioned from a holy ancient tree.'
Jewelled Bow 8
Mostly for decoration. It's very shiny.'
Composite Bow 9 00481200480
Made from antlers and sinew. Pretty gross.'
Exorcist Bow 10
Use this if someone's head starts spinning.'
Golden Bow 11
Don't tell, but it's actually just gold paint.'
Skeleton Bow 12
What animal has a skeleton shaped like this?'
Crystal Bow 13
Doubles as a powerful smacking tool.'
Demon Bow 14 001082800108-14
Made in Hell by underpaid, overworked imps.'
Angel Bow 15
Made in Heaven by underworked wimps.'
Temptation 16
Snag his heart and steal him away.'
Forest Bow 17
Ironic, because it's made of dead trees.'
Hunter Bow 18
Hunting isn't necessary, but it sure is fun.'
Moonlight Bow 19
When this moon hits your'll go blind.'
Sylphid 20
This breezy bow will blow you away.'
Dark Bow 21
It becomes invisible at night.'
Heavenly Bow 22
Heavenly maidens take this hunting for boys.'
Beast Killer 23
Stop beasts dead in their tracks with PAR.'
Master Bow 24
A sure-fire with 100% accuracy.'
Deadly Bow 25
Don't make eye contact. It can smell fear...'
Platinum Bow 26
Has sold over 1,000,000 copies.'
Soul Eater 27
Beware its strange foot fetish.'
Salamander 28
Very calm under fire.'
Illusion Bow 29
Might be a mirage, but the pain is very real.'
Evil Hunter 30
When evil's afoot, shoot it in the leg.'
Raijin Bow 31
Its arrows are loud of voice, quick of foot.'
Glutton Bow 32
Has an endless appetite for destruction.'
Luminous Bow 33
Casts the blinding light of the divine.'
Red Moon Bow 34
Purifies souls with the rays of the Red Moon.'
Drake Hunter 35
Highly effective anti-dragon artillery.'
Ragnarok 36
Call down a savage end to this age of man.'
Diabolic Bow 37
Pierce the heart of any celestial body.'
Seraphic Bow 38
Drown the wicked in the rain of retribution.'
Artemis 39
Symbol of the great Huntress Goddess.'
Lovely Cupid 40
Girly love energize! Maximum limit reached!'


Main article: Gun#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The gun is the longest range weapon. For normal attacks, its characteristic is having high accuracy (HIT) to apply damage to the opponent. No matter how high you raise the attack power (ATK), it doesn't affect the usage of the gun, so watch for that. Sometimes when you use a gun to attack, it may add an extra effect that lowers the opponent's speed (SPD). If the enemy is too quick, first attack them with a gun and lower their speed, and then continue with a combo to defeat it easily. Also the gun has a longer range than the bow, but can only attack in a straight line. Plan your battle tactics carefully. Most skills that you learn from gun weapon mastery shoot a long distance. Skills also depend on your accuracy (HIT) to damage enemies. Also, some skills can add an effect that lowers the speed (SPD) of the opponent. It seems you're good with the gun, Rozalin, so you should equip glasses when you use the gun to increase accuracy."
   —Adell's Father

In this installment, Gun attacks are weaker both physically and system-wise than in the original and its remakes. Example: A Gun with 200 HIT is weaker than a Sword with 200 ATK. Therefore, Gun-toting characters should try to aim for attacks from behind if they can, in order to gain the most damage. Also note that a Gun can only attack in a straight line following the four cardinal directions.

Disgaea 2:CM Gun - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Tri Burst 1 HIT
Gaia Blast 3 HIT
Proximal Shot 6 HIT Star
Shooting Stars 10 HIT
Totenkruez 15 HIT Fire
Inferno 21 HIT Fire
Cocytus' Rage 30 HIT Ice (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Gun - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
BB Gun 1
Handgun 2
Trumpet 3
(rank 4 name) 4
(rank 5 name) 5
(rank 6 name) 6
(rank 7 name) 7
(rank 8 name) 8
(rank 9 name) 9
(rank 10 name) 10
(rank 11 name) 11
(rank 12 name) 12
(rank 13 name) 13
(rank 14 name) 14
(rank 15 name) 15
(rank 16 name) 16
(rank 17 name) 17
(rank 18 name) 18
(rank 19 name) 19
(rank 20 name) 20
(rank 21 name) 21
(rank 22 name) 22
(rank 23 name) 23
(rank 24 name) 24
(rank 25 name) 25
(rank 26 name) 26
(rank 27 name) 27
(rank 28 name) 28
(rank 29 name) 29
(rank 30 name) 30
(rank 31 name) 31
(rank 32 name) 32
(rank 33 name) 33
(rank 34 name) 34
(rank 35 name) 35
(rank 36 name) 36
(rank 37 name) 37
(rank 38 name) 38
(rank 39 name) 39
(rank 40 name) 40


Main article: Axe#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The axe takes pride in having the most power of all the weapon types. With normal attacks, the accuracy may be low, but when they hit, they really hit. Sometimes, attacking with the axe may add an extra effect of lowering the opponent's defense (DEF). Start an attack with the axe to lower the defense, and continue with combos to make it easier to bring down stronger enemies. An axe is also appealing for it's high critical rate. Skills learned from Axe weapon mastery have simpler limits to distance and range, so it is easier to make combos and other tactics. Also, with skills, the stronger the opponent, the greater the decrease in DEF, an important factor in battle. With team attacks and combos, it's fit to aim for big damage."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Axe - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Boulder Crush 1 ATK Hits one enemy
Colossal Fissure 3 ATK Hits one enemy. Square behind user must be empty
Boomerang Axe 6 ATK Hits enemy twice, 3 squares ahead
Violent Storm 10 ATK Hits one enemy. Square behind enemy must be empty
Graviton Flare 15 ATK Hits one enemy
Calamity Drive 21 ATK Hits one enemy. Star Element
Destroyer 30 ATK Hits up to 4 adjacent enemies (Dark Hero Days Only)
Disgaea 2:CM Axe - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Cheap Axe 1
Iron Axe 2
Gang Axe 3
Primitive Axe 4
Hammer 5
Battle Axe 6
Viking Axe 7
Guillotine 8
Heavy Hammer 9
Masakari 10
Tomahawk 11
Dwarven Axe 12
Heavy Axe 13
Giant Axe 14
Savage Axe 15
Guilty Axe 16
Demon Smasher 17
Metal Basher 18
Kill All 19
Serial Axe/Nifleheim 20
Morning Star 21
Winged Edge 22
Enforcer 23
Great Axe 24
Avenger 25
Holy Hammer 26
Master Axe 27
Earth Quaker 28
Emperor's Axe 29
Holy Axe 30
Gigaton Mace 31
Beastmaster 32
El Dorado 33
Sacrifice 34
Hell Star 35
Death Scythe 36
Saint's Axe 37
Diabolic Axe 38
Beam Axe 39
Apocalypse 40


Main article: Staff#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The staff is a weapon that bolsters magic. The staff isn't really effective as a weapon and it doesn't have any skills that you can learn with weapon mastery. But! Weapon mastery will increase the use of magic, and guess what!? As you increase weapon mastery of the staff, the range of the magic spell will increase as well!! Then you can attack multiple enemies from a distance, or heal your group members, and gain more of an advantage in battle. If you're going to make a character mainly use magic, it is best to equip them with a staff. Train up hard and you can defeat all enemies without even coming close to them."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Staff - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Training Staff 1
A good staff to get you started.'
Wooden Staff 2
Doubles as a sturdy walking stick.'
Bone Staff 3
Check for loose pieces of meat.'
Magician Wand 4
Will not help pull rabbits out of hats.'
Pixie Wand 5
A little fairy dust goes a long way,'
Cardinal Staff 6
Hit 70 home runs with this.'
Witch's Wand 7
Handy for casting spells and stirring pots.'
Crystal Rod 8
As Clear as a glass scepter.'
Rune Staff 9
Some crazy moon language is carved in it.'
Prinny Staff 10
No Prinnies were harmed while making this.'
Fancy Rod 11
This rod turns into a bouquet of flowers.'
Druid Staff 12
*Stonehenge not included.'
Sorcery Rod 13
Congrats on becoming a real sorceror!'
Ancient Staff 14
It may be old, but it's still good.'
Jewel Scepter 15
An expensive, name-brand staff.'
Evil Wand 16
Completes the look for any evil mastermind.'
Earthen Staff 17
Found in a magical pile of dirt.'
Mithril Staff 18
Lightweight and good for whacking.'
Moonlight Staff 19
Look mysteriously cool holding it at night.'
Fairy Staff 20
Only the biggest fairies can hold it.'
Force Staff 21
You won't need a target computer anymore.'
Demon Staff 22
Perfect for magic and Halloween.'
Chief's Staff 23
Great for slap shots.'
Lovely Rod 24
Makes a nice present for your girlfriend.'
Crimson Wand 25
Can it...BE any more red?'
Holy Staff 26
Smithe the wicked and apathetic.'
Wizard's Rod 27
You need a PhD in wizardry to buy it legally.'
Oracle Staff 28
God wants you to die. He told me so.'
Mystery Staff 29
What's the big deal? It is a mystery.'
Spirit Staff 30
We all need team spirit sometimes.'
Doom Wand 31
I'll be honest with're doomed.'
Sun Staff 32
Wear sunscreen when you use it.'
Venus Wand 33
Sometimes, love hurts.'
Prinny Stick 34
A warm Prinny for those cold, lonely nights.'
Universal Staff 35
Knows all. Even what you did last night.'
Yggdrasil Stick 36
Just a broken branch, but insanely powerful.'
Divine Staff 37
Unleash the wrath of God upon all sinners.'
Sage's Staff 38
This will get you into Harvard, no problem.'
Infernal Staff 39
For the magically inclined Overlord.'
Omniscient Rod 40
Sees you when you're sleeping. How creepy.'

Monster (Attack)Edit

Main article: Monster#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"You can separate characters that can join your group by human type and monster type. Human type characters can equip the 7 types of weapons: fist, sword, spear, axe, bow, gun, and staff. Monster type characters can only equip monster specific weapons. Monster specific weapons don't have weapon mastery or any learnable skills. But since they don't have any limits, any monster type character can use any monster specific weapon. In other words, you can combine different effects of weapons and customize the monster type character."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Monster (Attack) - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Paw Glove 1
Pointy Bone 2
Goblin Claw 3
Wolf's Fang 4
Slimy Membrane 5
Crab Claw 6
Scorpion Tail 7
Odd Mandible 8
Bear Claw 9
Viper Bite 10
Bull Horn 11
Spikey Shell 12
Tentacle 13
Poison Needle 14
Rose Whip 15
Mystic Horn 16
Tiger Fang 17
Lionheart 18
Golem Punch 19
Mystic Attack 20
Organic Power 21
Poor Orphan 22
Mad Parasite 23
Dark Aura 24
Chimera DNA 25
Pegasus Hoof 26
Demon Cry 27
Titan Fist 28
Dragon Anger 29
Demon Fang 30
Death Wing 31
Asura Arm 32
Furious Scale 33
Devil Matrix 34
Insanity Eye 35
Beastial Mark 36
Immortal Body 37
Phoenix Feather 38
Satan's Motor 39
Babylon Crown 40

Monster (Intelligence)Edit

Disgaea 2:CM Monster (Intelligence) - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
The Weak 1
The Rotten 2
The Dead 3
The Sacrifice 4
The Heretic 5
The Slave 6
The Puppet 7
The Demon 8
The Delusion 9
The Evil Eye 10
The Nightmare 11
The Accursed 12
The Dream 13
The Dismal 14
Lust 15
Gluttony 16
Confusion 17
Paranoia 18
Greed 19
Sloth 20
The Arcane 21
Hell's Gate 22
The Phantasm 23
Envy 24
The Fallen 25
The Abyss 26
The Convict 27
Twilight 28
Pride 29
the Conundrum 30
The Malevolent 31
The Unique 32
The Awakening 33
Necronomicon 34
Wrath 35
Fortune 36
Chaos 37
Dante's Inferno 38
The King 39
The Fool 40