These are all of the spells that can be learned by human classes in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Fire 5 SP48/48N/A
Mega Fire 15 SP48/48N/A
Giga Fire 45 SP48/48N/A
Omega Fire 135 SP48/48N/A
Tera Fire 405 SP48/48N/A
Peta Fire 735 SP48/48N/A (Dark Hero Days only)


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Ice 5 SP48/48N/A
Mega Ice 15 SP48/48N/A
Giga Ice 45 SP48/48N/A
Omega Ice 135 SP48/48N/A
Tera Ice 405 SP48/48N/A
Peta Ice 735 SP48/48N/A (Dark Hero Days only)


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Wind 5 SP48/48N/A
Mega Wind 15 SP48/48N/A
Giga Wind 45 SP48/48N/A
Omega Wind 135 SP48/48N/A
Tera Wind 405 SP48/48N/A
Peta Wind 735 SP48/48N/A (Dark Hero Days only)


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Star 7 SP48/48N/A
Mega Star 21 SP48/48N/A
Giga Star 63 SP48/48N/A
Omega Star 189 SP48/48N/A
Tera Star 567 SP48/48N/A
Peta Star 980 SP48/48N/A (Dark Hero Days only)


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Heal 4 SP48/48N/A
Mega Heal 12 SP48/48N/A
Giga Heal 36 SP48/48N/A
Omega Heal 108 SP48/48N/A
Espoir 6 SP48/48Cures ailments


Skill Name Cost Range Effect
Enfeeble 8 SP24/24Reduces ATK
Blind 8 SP24/24Reduces HIT
Mind Break 8 SP24/24Reduces INT
Armor Break 8 SP24/24Reduces DEF
Slow 8 SP24/24Reduces SPD
Resist Break 8 SP24/24Reduces RES
Shield 8 SP24/24Increases DEF
Magic Wall 8 SP24/24Increases RES
Braveheart 8 SP24/24Increases ATK
Target Lock 8 SP24/24Increases HIT
Speed Boost 8 SP24/24Increases SPD
Magic Boost 8 SP24/24Increases INT

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