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List of WeaponsEdit


Main article: Fist#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"Brawlers rely primarily on their fists as weapons. Normal attacks have a high hit percentage and slightly higher Chance of Team Attack than other weapons. The Special Techniques learned with fists are short-range and have a small area of effect. But, many will allow you to knock enemies into different positions."
Disgaea 1:HOD Fist - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Triple Strike 1 ATK Moves enemy back one space Victim is crippled by 3 lethal blows
Tiger Charge 3 ATK Moves enemy back one space Modeled after a tiger falling upon its prey
Lion's Roar 6 ATK Attacks all around attacker Martial artists' specialty move!
King of Beasts 10 ATK Moves enemy back two spaces Blindingly fast aerial combo
Rising Dragon 15 ATK Moves enemy behind attacker Enemy is thrust into space and slammed back to earth
Big Bang 20 ATK Hits in 3 x 3 square in front of user, Fire attack Ultimate: Head-on collision with the sun
Disgaea 1:HOD Fist - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Wrist Band 1 00300010
Soaks up sweat'
Rock Fist 2 00600040
Loses to paper a lot'
Double Slap 3 00900060
I rarely see someone get slapped'
Leather Glove 4 0015000100
Smells bad in the rain'
Iron Claw 5 0019000130
Be careful not to let it get rusty'
Power Gauntlet 6 01527000130
It might awaken latent super powers'
Hyper Knuckle 7 00330010210
Not as hyper as it sounds'
Lethal Knuckle 8 0040000260
Hit those weak points right on the money!'
Fake Fist 9 0048000320
More macho than your real fist'
Cross Counter 10 0060000400
Replica of a glove worn by a famous boxer'
Swift Knuckle 11 0072000480
Your punch will sting like a bee'
Magic Cuff 12 04082000480
You get smarter. Be thankful'
Poison Knuckle 13 0093000620
Try not to pick your nose with this'
Megaton Punch 14 00105000700
Psssst, it doesn't really weigh a megaton'
Fist of Fury 15 00116000770
From the master of Jeet Kune Do'
Mach Punch 16 001280080800
Fast is good'
Spiked Glove 17 00138000920
A dangerous glove with spikes'
Bagh Nakh 18 001500001000
Pocket weapon from a foreign land'
Mystic Hand 19
Become a user of mystical powers'
Metal Fist 20
A metal fist worn by noble mistresses'
Silver Arm 21
Your arm turns silver. How embarrassing'
Demonic Fist 22
A demon will dwell in your hand. So?'
Karate Chop 23
Break rocks in one hit!!'
Mistral Fist 24
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Fist 25
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Straight Punch 26
Strongest punch known to mankind'
Mirage 27
Can't even see it'
Kwanca 28
Sounds foreign, but I forgot its origin'
Bahamut's Fist 29
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Golden Arm 30
Your arm turns gold. I'm so envious'
Crisis 31
Causes disasters. You'll be feared and hated'
Diabolic Fist 32
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Platinum Arm 33
Your arm turns platinum. It won't bend...'
Galactica 34
A deadly fist that makes the universe tremble'
Terra Smasher 35
Enough power to split the earth in two!'
Punisher 36
Will allow you to punish your enemies'
Zodiac 37
Grants the powers of the stars'
Infernal Fist 38
Grants the power of the Overlord'
God's Hand 39
Said to be able to vanquish Overlords...'
Ultimus 40
World's strongest fist, period'


Main article: Sword#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"A sword is a typical weapon for battle. Normal attacks with a sword do not have any distinctive characteristics. However, the Special Techniques learned with a sword vary greatly, so they will be useful in many situations. In general, they are easy to use, but not very powerful and require a lot of SP."
Disgaea 1:HOD Sword - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Blade Rush 1 ATK Hits three spaces in front of user, fourth space must be empty Dash attack that slices enemies in half
Hurricane Slash 3 ATK Hits one enemy twice Target is at the mercy of a raging hurricane
Wind Cutter 6 ATK Hits three spaces, two spaces away from user Powerful swing which causes a razor-sharp whirlwind
Winged Slayer 10 ATK Hits enemies in a 3 x 3 square in front of user A devastating strike from the sky
Nightsever 15 ATK Hits one enemy twice, more powerful than Hurricane Slash Sword slash that severs the dark of the night
Dimension Slash 20 ATK Hits 5 spaces in front of user (star elemental) Ultimate: Its power echoes throughout the universe
Disgaea 1:HOD Sword - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Common Sword 1 0040000
Go buy something better'
Short Sword 2 00800000
A sword that's kinda short'
Swordbreaker 3 001300000
Known for its durability'
Bronze Sword 4 001900000
A plain sword made of bronze'
Long Sword 5 002600000
A sword that's pretty long'
Ninja Sword 6 00340010100
Non-ninjas can equip it too'
Sharp Edge 7 0043000200
It slices! It dices!'
Bastard Sword 8 005300000
Nice guys can use it too'
Broad Sword 9 006500000
I worked hard making this. Please buy it?'
Magic Sword 10 0158000000
A sword with a pinch of magic'
2-Pronged Blade 11 009500000
Cuts well, but hard to gut fish with'
Great Sword 12 0011000000
It's not really THAT great'
Taser Sword 13 0012500000
Paralyzes an adversary with electricity'
Mortuus Blade 14 0012000000
Sounds like a meaningful name, but it's not'
Psychic Sword 15 025155025000
A sword used by psychics, duh!'
Stabbing Knife 16 0017000000
You really shouldn't stab people with this'
Evil Thwarter 17 0018500000
Used in banishing demons. Covered in poison'
Hibernal Sword 18 0020000000
Sword that can induce sleep'
Muramasa 19
Legendary katana'
Light Sabre 20
The force may be with you'
Vajra 21
Legendary sword of an ancient demon'
Mistral Sword 22
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Sword 23
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Bloodlust 24
Sword that sucks blood. Loves type O'
Masamune 25
Not a thing in the world it can't cut'
Bahamut's Fang 26
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Adamant Sword 27
Your body will be filled with nergy'
Demon Killer 28
Sacred sword used in slaying demons'
Wyrmslayer 29
Can slay dragons in a single blow'
Laevateinn 30
Said to be able to slice through darkness'
Diabolic Sword 31
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Crusade 32
Holy sword crafted to seal the Demon God'
Kusanagi 33
Sword used in defeating an 8-headed serpent'
Excalibur 34
A famous guy's sword. Used, of course'
Shichishi-Tou 35
Works wonders. Try it out!'
Infernal Sword 36
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Adrondight 37
Mysterious sword forged from a meteorite'
Amano-Hahakiri 38
Show if off to your friend'
Cosmic Blade 39
The universe is calling for you!!'
Yoshitsuna 40
A sword unparalleled in strength'


Main article: Spear#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"The spear is another popular weapon. While normal attacks with a spear are a bit weak, you have the advantage of being able to attack from 2 panels away. The Special Techniques learned with a spear generally have a short range, but the area of effect varies. Furthermore, some techniques allow you to change your position."
Disgaea 1:HOD Spear - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Impaler 1 ATK Moves user back one space A jump attack that aims for the enemy's head
Sky Lunge 3 ATK Moves user one space past enemy A vicious lunge at a helpless enemy
Asteroid Drop 6 ATK Hits all spaces around user, user moves back three spaces Attacks enemies with the fury of a falling asteroid
Avalanche 10 ATK Moves user back 4 spaces Overwhelms the enemy like a crashing avalanche
Turbulence 15 ATK Hits all spaces around user, Wind element Mighty spear thrust that pierces the heavens
Spear Storm 20 ATK Hits all spaces around user, user moves back three spaces, fire element Ultimate: Rain of fiery spears consume all
Disgaea 1:HOD Spear - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Common Spear 1 00300000
Cheapest spear ever. Bleh'
Iron Lance 2 00600000
An average spear. Popular among housewives'
Knight's Lance 3 00900000
Knights use it, thus the name'
Bogus Spear 4 001500000
Spear of a legendary hero (not)'
Long Spear 5 001900000
A long get the picture'
Koshimoto Spear 6 002700000
Spear of a female warrior of the East'
Bushido Lance 7 003300000
Always remember the way of the warrior'
Trident 8 004000000
Latest trend among fishermen'
Paralysis Spear 9 004800000
Just as the name implies, it causes paralysis'
Falcon Lance 10 0060002000
Increases your speed for some unknown reason'
Amnesia Spear 11 007200000
What type of spear were we talking about?'
Black Spear 12 008200000
Become a black knight! Now hiring'
Silver Lance 13 009300000
What if it's actually aluminum?'
Kung Fu Spear 14 00105000400
Used by King Fu fighters everywhere'
Venomous Spear 15 0011600000
If ingested, contact your physician'
Moonlight 16 00128200000
Charms those who see it'
Skewer 17 0013800000
Useful in making shish kabobs'
Mistral Spear 18 0015000000
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Spear 19
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Special Lance 20
Limited edition, but plenty are available'
Vile Brilliance 21
One of the Netherworld's legendary spears'
Golden Lance 22
It's just gold plated'
Bone Lance 23
Made from dragon bone. Smells bad'
Zephyr 24
Its thrusts are as swift as a gust of wind'
Bahamut's Horn 25
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Benkei 26
The renowned weapon-collector's favorite♥'
Demonic Spear 27
High-level demons love this spear'
Pallas Athene 28
Symbol of valor and chivalry'
Kiyomasa 29
Engraved with a samuri's autograph'
Hero's Spear 30
Makes you feel like a hero'
Platinum Lance 31
Bright and shiny. Looks fancy'
Li Shuwen 32
Ghost of an unmatched warrior dwells within'
Diabolic Spear 33
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Walkeure 34
You become quicker just by holding it'
Gungnir 35
Even the gods can't laugh at you now'
Gae Bolga 36
Please don't sell me♥'
Chaladholg 37
Be the first on the block to own one!'
Infernal Spear 38
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Longinus 39
King Krechevskoy's famed spear'
Glorious 40
The spear of all spears'


Main article: Bow#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"Bows are long-range weapons that Archers specialize in. Normal attacks deal damage according to the following formula: (ATK/2) + (HIT/2) = Total Damage. The Special Techniques learned with a bow have long range and can affect single or multiple targets. However, their restrictions on the area of effect and required action space will take some time to get used to. Damage due to Special Techniques is calculated just as for normal attacks: (ATK/2) + (HIT/2) = Total Damage."
Disgaea 1:HOD Bow - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Poison Arrow 1 ATK/HIT Causes Poison Shoots an arrow with a poisoned tip
Dark Flash 3 ATK/HIT Causes Deprave Strikes fear in the hearts of enemies
Delta Split 6 ATK/HIT Causes Sleep Attacks from three directions at once
Sturmhimmel 10 ATK/HIT Causes Paralysis Shoots electrically charged arrows
Zielregen 15 ATK/HIT Causes Forget, Fire element Unleashes a rain of arrows
Doppelganger 20 ATK/HIT  ?? Ultimate: Mirror images wreak total havoc
Disgaea 1:HOD Bow - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Common Bow 1 00200010
A bow made during an arts & crafts class'
Hunter's Bow 2 00500020
Typical bow used in hunting'
Longbow 3 00800040
Actually, it's not that long'
Big Arrow 4 001200060
It's not as big as it sounds'
Blessed Bow 5 001700080
Bow made to dispel evil spirits'
Pixie Bow 6 0022000110
Bow with a fairy's mystical magic'
Enchanted Arrow 7 01028000140
It'll pierce your heart♥'
Warrior's Bow 8 20035000170
Holding it boosts your stamina'
Sprite Bow 9 00430100210
You get slightly smarter during tests'
Venomous bow 10 0053000260
It's dangerous. What'd you expect?'
Elven Bow 11 00630010310
Enables you to run like the wind'
Spirit Bow 12 0073000360
Become best friends with the spirits'
Master Bow 13 0083000410
You will feel like a master archer'
Bow of Havoc 14 0093000460
Disappointing, considering the name'
Justice Bow 15 00103000520
You're now officially a defender of justice!'
Silver Bow 16 00113000560
Bow made out of silver (maybe)'
Flex Bow 17 00123000610
Makes you want to exercise'
Plasma Arrow 18 00133000660
May cause paralysis'
Hero's Bow 19
You can officially call yourself a hero!'
Shining Arrow 20
Rather lackluster, despite its name'
Mistral Bow 21
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Bow 22
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Golden Bow 23
Bow made out of gold (perhaps)'
Judge Arrow 24
Person hit will face some sort of judgement'
Remote Bow 25
Shoots a bit farther than other bows'
Platinum Bow 26
Bow made out of platinum (or not)'
Kuki 27
A cursed bow with a unique story'
Bow of Virtue 28
Ancient demon-slaying bow'
Arcane Bow 29
Has magical powers'
Yoichi's Bow 30
Replica of the bow used by a great archer'
Bahamut's Aim 31
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Percival 32
Named after a legendary hero. Cool!'
Prometheus 33
This bow is also known as "Foresight"'
Starchaser 34
Said to be able to pierce the heavens'
Diabolic Bow 35
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Ull's Bow 36
The bow used by the god of archery himself'
Flame Fleche 37
It may be powerful enough to slay an Overlord'
Infernal Bow 38
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Artemis 39
The goddess of the hunt dwells inside this bow'
Galaxy 40
Greatest bow in the galaxy, hence the name'


Main article: Gun#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"Guns have the longest range of all the weapons. Normal attack damage is based on a character's Hit stat. The Special Techniques learned with a gun have a very long range. Special Technique damage is also dependent on a character's Hit stat."
Disgaea 1:HOD Gun - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Tri-burst 1 HIT Ice Element Fires three shots in a row (ice)
Rapidfire 3 HIT Fire element Shoots a target as it is lifted into the air (fire)
Proximal Shot 6 HIT Knocks user back three spaces A gunshot at point-blank range
Bullet Storm 10 HIT No notes A torrent of gunshots rips through the target
Totenkreuz 15 HIT Fire element Incinerates an enemy in a cross of flame
Inferno 20 HIT No notes Ultimate: Splits into four and blasts the enemy away
Disgaea 1:HOD Gun - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
RQ22 Common 1 00000030
Watch where you point it!'
Model 24 2 00000060
It hurts if it hits. Well, duh!'
RQ38 Custom 3 00000090
A 38-caliber gun with little recoil'
Dolphin EX 4 000000150
Easy-to-use gun for everyone'
RQ-P38 5 000000190
It's got a retro look for all you geeks'
Nether 35 6 000000270
Manufactured in the Netherworld'
KLZ900 7 000000330
Nicely balanced, has good aim'
RQ44 Magnum 8 000000400
Monster tested, RQ approved'
Model 48 9 000000480
The feel of the grip is so comfortable'
Dune Eagle 10 000000600
Now that's a big gun!'
Nether 58 11 000000720
Carried by high-class demons for self-defense'
ZK Auto 13 12 000000820
The mainstream automatic'
Ion 8k Ninja 13 000000930
Ray gun that shoots out energy beams'
Model 56 14 0000001050
Gun used by "professionals"'
RQ57 Dragon 15 0000001160
Can kill dragons in one shot, IF it hits'
LDT52-R 16 0000001280
You shouldn't be toting this around!!'
Nether 72 17 0000001380
The 72nd model of the gun, of course'
P50-XX 18 0000001500
If you buy now, it comes with a free holster'
Ion 9k Samurai 19 0000001650
This ray gun is NOT for laser tag'
RQ66 Saint 20
Custom version. A lot more accurate'
GH40WZ 21
An old gun made by a determined craftsman'
H30K 22
Very light because it's made partly from resin'
PS-714 23
Uses the latest fad: sleep effect'
RQ77 Godslayer 24
As the name implies, it can kill Demon Gods'
Nether 108 25
Greatest gun in the Nether series'
T-199X 26
Major recoil, but powerful. Guaranteed'
Karlten 27
Legendary gun used by some guy'
RQ99 Omega 28
The fruits of RQ's technology'
Gilgamesh 29
Legendary gun used by Gilgamesh'
Olympus 30
Legendary gun. An ancient weapon'
Odyssey 31
Gun found in a legendary sunken city'
Phillipan 32
Legendary gun used by a famous traitor'
Fujiyama 33
Fires with the force of Mt. Fujiyama erupting'
Beowulf 34
Legendary gun used by Beowulf'
Tiamat 35
Gun named after a legendary dragon'
Brunhild 36
Legendary gun with the blessing of a goddess'
Siegfried 37
Legendary gun also known as the "Dragon-Slayer"'
Fenrir 38
Legendary gun also known as the "God-Slayer"'
Infernal Gun 39
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Etoile 40
Most powerful gun in the universe'


Main article: Axe#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"The axe is a difficult weapon to use. Normal attacks have a low hit percentage, but deal major damage when they do hit. The Special Techniques learned with an axe have a short range and can only be used against a single enemy. It may seem a bit restrictive, but since its limitations are clear, you could say an axe is easy to use. Also, when stronger Special Techniques are available, the chances of lowering an opponent's DEF are high."
Disgaea 1:HOD Axe - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Notes Flavor Text
Boulder Crush 1 ATK Hits enemy twice A blow powerful enough to pulverize rock
Skull Splitter 3 ATK Hits enemy four times Lands a mighty four-hit combo on the enemy
Colossal Fissure 6 ATK Hits enemy 3 times An attack so powerful that it cracks the earth
Violent Storm 10 ATK Hits enemy 6 times, space behind enemy must be free A violent flurry of axe strikes
Graviton Bomb 15 ATK Fire Element Creates a giant gravitational explosion
Calamity Drive 20 ATK Hits enemy 6 times Ultimate: Each swing tears the fabric of space
Disgaea 1:HOD Axe - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Common Axe 1 30 005000-10
Practically a toy'
Villager's Axe 2 80 0010000-20
Used in everyday village life'
Battle Axe 3 200 0016000-30
Used for battle. Heavy, but powerful'
Bronze Axe 4 500 0023000-50
Made of copper. Careful where you swing it'
Iron Axe 5 1100 0032000-70
Made of iron. Rusts easily'
Tomahawk 6 1800 0042000-90
Makes you look tough'
Warrior's Axe 7 3000 0053000-110
Warriors love this axe. Very manly'
Mighty Axe 8 5000 0066000-140
A powerful axe'
Steel Axe 9 8000 0081000-170
Not only strong, but rust-proof!'
Stamina Axe 10 12500 00100000-220
Boosts your HP just by holding it'
Magical Axe 11 18000 00118000-250
Boosts your SP just by holding it'
Pixie Axe 12 24000 00137000-280
Get hit and fall asleep... forever!'
Falcon Axe 13 32000 001560020-320
Speedy ace... Such an oxymoron, but it's true'
Enchanted Ace 14 45000 0201750200-350
A magical ace. Buy now!'
Silver Axe 15 60000 00193000-400
Hopefully it's made of silver'
Dwarven Axe 16 60000 00212000-4520
An axe made by dwarves'
Bloody Axe 17 80000 00231000-500
Its blade is stained crimson with blood'
Adamant Ace 18 90000 00250000-530
A friggen' strong axe'
Demon's Axe 19 100000 00275000-550
Great as a present'
Dream Axe 20 120000 003000300-600
Sweet dreams'
Headhunter 21 150000 00325000-650
Great for chopping heads off♥'
Hero's Axe 22 200000 00350000-700
Turns even a coward into a hero'
Mistral Axe 23 270000 00375000-750
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Axe 24 350000 00400000-800
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Golden Axe 25 350000 00437000-870
Let's hope it's made out of gold'
Vigaro's Axe 26 450000 00475000-950
A very, very powerful axe'
Axe of Death 27 600000 00512000-1020
A lucky foe might win a poison death!'
Rune Axe 28 800000 0405500400-1100
Makes you smarter'
Terra Firma 29 1100000 00587000-1180
Can't shake the earth, but still powerful'
Hellish Axe 30 1500000 00625000-1250
Experience a living hell. Accepting volunteers'
Bahamut's Talon 31 1500000 00675000-1350
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Platinum Axe 32 2000000 00725000-1450
Please let this be platinum'
Slaughter Axe 33 3000000 0-509000-500-1800
Powerful as heck, but makes you stupid'
Mercurius 34 4000000 00825000-1650
Overflowing with the energy of the universe'
Diabolic Axe 35 5000000 00875000-1750
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Empyrean Axe 36 6000000 00937000-1870
Fell from the sky'
Balmung 37 7000000 001000000-2000
Once belonged to some great warrior'
Infernal Axe 38 8000000 2000120020000-240200
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Durandal 39 10000000 001500000-3000
Strongest man in the Netherworld wielded this'
Apocalypse 40 800000000 50050025005005005000500
THE axe. The end'


Main article: Staff#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
"Staffs are weapons that can boost the power of your magic. There is nothing special about doing normal attacks with a staff, and there are no Special Techniques to learn, either. But, you can increase the range and area of effect of your magic by improving your Weapon Mastery of staffs. The experience you have earned casting spells will also affect the range and area of effect of your magic. Staffs are most effective when used by characters specializing in magic."
Disgaea 1:HOD Staff - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Wooden Staff 1 00004000
Used as a walking stick'
Light Staff 2 00008000
Your run-of-the-mill staff. Ho-hum'
Witch's Staff 3 050013000
The official staff of witches'
Mage's Staff 4 070019000
A slight step up from the Witch's staff'
Smiting Rod 5 0010026000
Good for beating up on your enemies'
Quality Staff 6 000034000
A brand-name staff'
Hibernal Staff 7 000043000
A sleep-inducing scent surrounds this staff'
Stamina Staff 8 2000053000
Holding it boosts your stamina'
Swordstaff 9 0025065000
A staff with a sword hidden inside'
Pixie Staff 10 000080000
Has fairy's magic cast on it'
Forgetful Staff 11 000095000
Get hit and all your troubles will fade away'
Mortuus Staff 12 0000110000
Haunted by the souls of the dead'
Staff of Sorcery 13 03000125000
A staff that powers up your magic. How nice!'
Silver Staff 14 0000140000
If it's made of real silver, I'll take it!'
Elven Staff 15 0000155000
Has elven magic cast on it'
Blessed Staff 16 0000170000
It doesn't mean that YOU will be blessed'
Sage's Staff 17 030001850030
Owning this doesn't make you a sage instantly'
Staff of Hope 18 0000200000
Don't get your hopes too high!'
Enchanted Staff 19
People will think that you're a mage'
Mistral Staff 20
Grants the power of the Wind God'
Jupiter's Staff 21
Grants the power of the Thunder God'
Staff of Virtue 22
Staff made to fend off evil'
Golden Staff 23
If it's made of real gold, I'll take it!'
Prophet's Staff 24
It takes more than this staff to be a prophet'
Rune Staff 25
It's the talk of the town'
Rainbow Rod 26
Colorful googness in every rod!'
Bahamut's Wit 27
Grants the power of the Dragon God'
Holy Staff 28
It's not like you'll gain holy powers'
Saint's Staff 29
Said to have been blessed by a saint'
Gambantein 30
Some old geezer's staff'
Diabolic Staff 31
Grants the power of the Demon God'
Tainted Staff 32
Must-have for the perfect fallen angel costume'
Polansky's Staff 33
Staff of the great sage Polansky'
Yggdrasil 34
Staff carved from the world tree'
Mjollnir 35
The staff of a famous bishop'
Dark Matter 36
Contains the power of darkness'
Kerykeion 37
Staff used by a powerful archmage'
Infernal Staff 38
Grants the power of the Overlord'
Galactic Staff 39
Contains astral powers'
Omniscient Staff 40
The best staff you can get'


Main article: Monster#Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has two unique monster weapons that are listed as ranks 41 and 42, going beyond the usual 40 rank barrier. The two items can only be stolen from Baal and Prinny Baal, respectively. In contrast to later Disgaea games, D:HOD only has one type of Monster weapon (later games have 2 types, an 'attack' type and an 'intelligence' type).

Disgaea 1:HOD Monster - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Spd Hit Res  
Flavor Text Other
Paw Glove 1 00500000
So soft and furry...'
Scratch Claw 2 001000000
Feels wonderful on the back'
Crab Pincer 3 001600000
Great with butter and garlic'
Shocking Grasp 4 002300000
Works wonders on tense shoulders'
Poison Needle 5 001900000
Guess what kind of poison it is'
Bat Parasol 6 004200000
Useful on rainy days. Compact, too'
Cat's Claw 7 005300000
You don't want to be scratched by this'
Lizard Tail 8 006600000
Still wriggling'
Porcu-Spine 9 008100000
Porcupine quills sting! Ouch!'
Electric Eel 10 0010000000
Tastes like chicken'
Cobra Fang 11 0012000000
Dripping with deadly venom'
Spiked Shell 12 0013500000
Too many spikes to count'
Wolf Fang 13 0015000000
Equip this, and you can be a long wolf!'
Tentacles 14 0017000000
Good for groping all sorts of places♥'
Vampire Fang 15 0019300000
I vant to suck your blood!'
Gorilla Foot 16 0021200000
You can kick like an angry ape'
Lionheart 17 0023100000
Why is this classified as a weapon?'
Bear Claw 18 0025000000
Fresh from the baker's oven'
Tiger Fang 19 0027500000
This will bring out the tiger in you!'
Panda Claw 20
Pandas rule!'
Nessie Attack 21
Sell pictures to the tabloids!'
Medusa Eye 22
A stone-cold stare. Literally'
Brocken 23
Comes with a free curse!'
Demon's Hand 24
Your hand becomes demon-like'
Fiendish Claw 25
Perfect for all your killing needs'
Primal Force 26
Enhances your magical power'
Goblins Fury 27
Uppercut of a gigantic goblin'
Mystic Eye 28
Looook into my eyes...'
Geo Saber 29
It is brimming with spiritual power'
Destroy 30
Used in order to, uh, destroy'
Lightning Fang 31
AKA "Fang of Nue"'
Dragon Tooth 32
There's a cavity!'
Engima 33
Treasure of a legendary demon city'
Orichalch Claw 34
Forged from a mysterious metal'
El Dorado 35
Named after the paradise of demons'
Dragon Heart 36
Contains the soul of a dragon'
Belial Force 37
Rare Netherworld Collectible'
Amon Force 38
Legendary Amon memorabilia'
Lucifer Force 39
Signed by Lucifer himself!'
Nyanko Soul 40
A keepsake left behind by a vassal'

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