Lifting is an action which can be done to allies, enemies or Geo Symbols. To lift something a unit must be in one of the 4 adjacent squares which share a side. Lifting cannot be done merely by sharing a corner.

Height is also an issue. Presumably it is limited by the Jump height of the unit being lifted.

  • The player can continue to lift characters up if they are holding up a character, creating a tower of sorts.
  • Any character (enemy, ally, or Geo Symbol) cannot be lifted when they are standing on a 'No Lifting' Geo Panel

Only humanoid units can lift. Monsters can be lifted but cannot lift themself.

Being lifted protects units from harm. They cannot be targeted. However if the unit holding them dies, they are dropped down. In the case if a 3+ tower, the 2nd from the bottom is now the bottom and the 3rd is still protected.

While being lifted, however, a unit could originally not do anything. This was changed with Tower Attack in later games.

Lifting is the traditional setup for Throwing. In later games when Receive was added the receiver could throw without having lifted, but it was still a Lifter who initiated things.

Lifting a dangerous enemy and not throwing them can immobilize them. This can help if you cant beat them soon enough to prevent them from harming weak units you want to heal.

Carrying (keeping a unit lifted multiple turns without throwing) can cause damage to the unit who doesnt set it down.

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