Legendary Tree is an Evil Symbol from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. Legendary Tree is unlocked during Chapter 4. This Evil Symbol will grant various effects and endings when current conditions are met. The player may assign various relationships by jumping on top of the tree and pressing the x button.

To break relationships with one's allies, go to the Cam-pain HQ, Call the Senate, then pass the appropriate bill for 1000 mana.

How to unlock/effectsEdit

You must assign that character to their desired positions and meet a certain requirement to unlock that relationship's effects. Once you meet the requirements, return to Cam-pain HQ to see an event.  Once a relationship has been established, you can safely remove one or both characters and replace them with others without losing the relationship.

Relationship Requirement Effects
Lover Leader heals (spells or items) Lover 10 times. Leader regenerates 10% HP at the end of the enemy turn when standing next to Lover.
Comrade Leader team attacks with Comrade 10 times. Leader has 99% team attack chance with Comrade.
Rival Leader attacks Rival and Rival counters with fists 10 times. Leader gets 20% stat boost when Rival is deployed.
Twin Leader and Twin must equip the same three etc-armor slot for 10 battles. Weapon does not count. Leader gains 20% defensive stat boost for each matching Twin etc-armor slot.
Mentor Leader uses Mentor's spells 10 times when standing side-by-side. Leader can use Mentor's spells anywhere on the map when both are deployed. Only applies to spells.
Stepsibling Leader use protect command to protect Stepsibling from 10 attacks. Leader can protect Stepsibling from anywhere on the map.
Archenemy Leader kills Archenemy 10 times. Leader gains 50 percent stat boost when he/she kills Archenemy.
Second Cousin Leader and Second Cousin both participate in 10 battles together. No effect


The player must have Valvatorez in a specific relationship with a given character before they beat the final boss in map 10-7 in order to see that character's specific ending.  Seeing these special endings counts towards trophies.

Character Relationship Requirement
Vulcanus Lover Beat the game without meeting any other characters' requirements. Leader heals Lover 10 times (spells or items).
Fenrich Comrade Leader team attacks with Comrade 10 times.
Fuka Mentor Leader uses Mentor's spells 10 times when standing side-by-side.
Desco Stepsibling Leader uses protect command (from Defense Fortress Evil Symbol) to protect Stepsibling from 10 attacks.  Easily done by having Valvatorez stand next to Desco and using friendly ranged attackers to shoot at Desco.  Only the first two attacks per turn will be Protected.
Emizel Rival Leader attacks Rival and Rival counter-attacks with fists 10 times.

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