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The Maiden of Carnage

Lady Samurai are a class in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. They are dressed in modified white and red hakama. They have been toned down from their first appearance making the strategy with them change slightly depending on the weapon equipped. Just like a Male Samurai, Lady Samurai excel in the use of Swords, but can also use Spears and Bows if needed. They have lost the proficiency with Spears and Axes starting with C and attaining a maximum of B at the last tier forcing them to be a bit more strategic with their weaponry. Lady Samurai still surpass the game's starting footsoldiers in terms of sheer capability; as their Attack power is extremely high and their HIT is decent, allowing them to fulfill any physical combat role effectively. However, they tend to have delicate defenses like their Male counterpart, having a rather high SPD Aptitude to make up for it.

Their unique ability allows them to deal more damage if they are fighting 1 on 1. Despite their lackluster expertise in Axes, their ability makes them the best Axe-users in the game; (Ignoring a Majin with it's stats doubled, of course) as Axes are a single-target weapon, making their ability permanently active. The Lover bonus for the Lady Samurai class is +1% single-target damage per every 1 Lover, this maxes out to up to 55% bonus damage on a single target. Uniquely, they are unlocked by having save data for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the same PSP Memory card as the Dark Hero Days Data.


  • Exorcist
  • Diabolist
  • Holy Fencer
  • Battle Maiden
  • Carnage Princess
  • Blade Master


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