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[[Image:|40px]]  Killia
D5 Kiria
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance character
Kana キリア
Romaji Kiria
AKA Tyrant Overlord Killidia
Japanese Voice actor(s) Mamoru Miyano
English Voice actor(s) Ben Pronsky
Age 2075
Height 177 cm
Weight 69 kg
Home Cryo Blood Netherworld
Race Demon (Dragonewt)
Class Wanderer

“...I'll never forget. Vengeance is the only thing that keeps me going.”
—Killia, E3 Trailer

Killia is the main character of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. He's a powerful demon with a personal vendetta against Void Dark and wanders the Netherworlds to exact his revenge. He dislikes making allies, but when fighting the Lost he rescues Seraphina and is reluctantly drafted as her vassal. Killia burns calories furiously fast, and thus needs to eat often and will do so whenever the chance presents itself. He prefers rare ingredients for his meals and will go to extremely dangerous locations to obtain them.


Killia originates from the slums of the Cryo Blood Netherworld, where "the scum of demonkind eventually wind up". Without parents and alone in a world where one needed to do whatever it took to survive, Killia desired to become the strongest among them. He eventually managed to become the Overlord with the nickname "Tyrant Killidia" and was well known for his cruelty and ruthlessness.

At some point, he ventured into the Flowerful Netherworld where he encountered Goldion, whom easily defeated him. Seeing how Killia had power but lacked proper control over it, he offered the young Overlord an apprenticeship which he accepted so long as he gained the strength to defeat Goldion. He was then brought to Goldion's home where he met Goldion's children: his daughter Liezerota and his son Void. During his time training, he would frequently converse with Liezerota, who tried to help him realize the good in his heart. Liezerota's brother, Void, didn't accept Killia as "one of the family" and the two would develop a rivalry. When Goldion decided that Killia would be able to bring out the true power of the Final Skill: Avidya Holy Water, Void left his father's tutelage out of jealousy. Although Killia was easily able to master the techniques Goldion taught him, Killia struggled to perfect Avidya Holy Water. Frustrated at his inability to master it, Killia became even angrier when he couldn't understand when Goldion explained that he was lacking heart and attacked his master. His anger turned to shock when Goldion allowed the attack to wound him. Feeling that Goldion could teach him nothing else, Killia left and would later consider this act his "first betrayal" to his master. When Liezerota followed him, he thought that she was keeping tabs on him on Goldion's orders, but eventually learned that she did so out of concern for him. It was around this time that he finally accepted the good in his heart and they lived together in peace. However, one day Void appeared and confronted Killia, demanding that he return his sister. When Killia refused, they fought with Killia being defeated. Just as Void prepared to deal the killing blow, Liezerota shielded Killia and was killed by the attack. Just as Killia screamed out in grief, Void angrily demanded that he get away from her corpse and attempted to finish him off, stealing Killia's Overload in the process. Killia survives the ordeal and begins hunting down Void, intending to get his revenge.

As the Cryo Blood Overlord, Killia has extensive control over ice magic, typically encasing his enemies in a block of ice before shattering it with a straight punch or flying kick. His original Overload skill, Alma Ice Sculpture, has the power to freeze time around his target, but requires a constant supply of energy to freeze time around a living organism and is therefore unsuited for actual combat. As a result of his training under Goldion, he acquired skills such as Exploding Tiger and Hellfire Shot, but had difficulty with the Final Skill: Avidya Holy Water. When Killia was able to overcome his fears regarding his power as Killidia thanks to his allies, he is finally able to master Avidya Holy Water and achieves a new Overload: Tyrant Revelio, which allows him to control his destructive impulse while retaining his personality. Later he develops an enhanced version called Ultimate Demon Technique - Ultimate Skill: Macrocosm, which was strong enough to defeat Void Dark.

During his time with Goldion and his family, he would assist Liezerota with cooking and became very skilled at it as a result.


  • Killia is the only character in Disgaea 5 that unlocks their final skill through the story instead of leveling for it (similar to how Yukimaru, Mao and Fuka obtain their final skills). He is also the only character so far within the entire Disgaea series that unlocks the last two skills through Story only.
  • Killia has multiple growths on his torso that appear to be large scales that are the same color as his coat. Given that his official demon race is a Dragonewt, this could imply that, similar to Laharl and his scarf, Killia's coat is a part of his body.
  • Despite being DLC content, when asked about a sister by Adell, the latter remarks that the question has a complicated answer. It's unknown what this means as of yet.

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