Item World Radar is an Evil Symbol from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. The bill for the Item World Radar is unlocked by defeating an Item King. The Item King will appear on floors 30, 60, or 90 inside the Item World. Having an Item World Radar will improve your chances of obtaining events inside the Item World such as Pirates, Innocent Towns, Level Spheres, and many assorted item world events. The Item World Radar will also display upcoming guarantee events for next few floors (does not work with current floor) in your mini map with a variety of colored symbols. Leaving the item world will reset these events. Its forecasting for events isn't 100% reliable, but it is a great way to hunt down the Meowkin Pirates to access the Land of Carnage without doing the extra guessing work.

Item World SymbolsEdit

  • Blue Sphere - Level sphere
  • Purple Chest - A high level treasure will appear
  • Red Pirate Ship - Pirates
  • Green exclamation point - random event
  • Yellow Skull - Random Innocents
  • Light Blue Castle - Treasure effect

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