An Item God is a special Item World boss that can only be found on floor 100 of an Item World, on any item of rank 39 or lower. This also means that they will only show up on Legendary Rarity items.


An Item God often takes the form of a Divine Majin (with the sprite image being black and see-through), except in the case of a Monster weapon, in which case a random monster will be picked as an Item God. Additionally, the Item God's stats and HP are much, much higher than what a normal enemy's stats would be, and since a Majin's stats are normally high to begin with, killing an Item God is a challenge all in its own. Add that to the fact that there are also additional enemies on the floor, and floor 100 of an item world gains a difficulty all its own.

Stealing ItemsEdit

There are reasons, however, that many players wish to seek out an Item God, with one of them being equip items that can be stolen.

Should a player go from floor 1 - 100 on that one item, the Item God will be holding the next Rank weapon (AKA: if a player goes to floor 100 of a rank 20 item, the item god will have a rank 21 item equipped)


  • This does not include healing items or items that are usable in battle, such as a Mr. Gency's Exit.
  • If the player goes to floor 100, and does not steal the item off the Item God, and uses a Mr. Gency's Exit before finishing the floor, then goes back in, the Item God will NOT have the item equipped anymore. The player has one chance only to steal the item from Item God!
  • The item to be stolen will have a random rarity, except for Rank 40 items, which are always legendary.
  • This is the only way to get most Rank 40 weapons and armor.

Other BonusesEdit

On top of getting better ranked items, Item Gods also offer special bonuses:

  • Item Gods offer a 3 times Experience and HL bonus for defeating them.
  • After clearing the level, if the item god was destroyed, the stats of the item being leveled will be boosted signficantly.
  • Also, if an item god was destroyed and the level is cleared, an additional Specialist slot is added to the item.


When facing off against an item god, a player can defeat the item god, use a Mr. Gency's Exit, then go back into the item to face off against the item god again. While this does nothing for the item that is being leveled, many players do it for the experience and hell bonus that an Item God offers.

Also, since the Item God's item will have a random rarity, many players use a Mr. Gency's Exit at floor 99, save their game, then go back into the item world, finish floor 99, then check the Item God's item. If it is not legendary, they simply reset the game and try again.

Special NoteEdit

Despite all other enemies being able to be thrown on a Geo Symbol in order to destroy it in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, an Item God can not be thrown on a Geo-symbol. The game will simply buzz the player.

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