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D1area 47
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 紅蓮地獄
Romaji Gurenjigoku
Location Sea of Gehenna
Episode Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans
Enemies 8x lvl 31 Puck
2x lvl 40 Fafnir
Vyers (Story)
1x lvl 44 Nidhogg (Repeat)
Bonus Rank 18
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
Previous map Searing Tyranny
Next map Episode 11: Hero's Will, Overlord's Way -
Ghostly Whisper

Inferno is the final stage in Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


They finally catch up to Mid-Boss and they fight over the picnic basket. However, it seems Mid-Boss has already consumed all the contents. Gordon tries to leave. But Etna helpfully points out that will be rather hard, seeing as their space ship is in pieces due to their crash landing.

Enemy InformationEdit

Enemy Level/Number Equipped Items
D1 Faery 02
Level 31 x8 -
D1 Dragon 02
Level 40 x2 Procu-Spine
Bushido Armor
Midbosssprite d1
Level 44 Spiked Shell
Dandy Gown
Dimensional Cape
Falcon Shoes
D1 Dragon 03
Level 44 Spiked Shell
Magic Vest
  1. Will replace Mid-Boss upon revisit

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