Home Ec. Kitchen
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch.2: Mao's Heart
Enemies 3x lvl 11 Wind Spinners
3x lvl 11 Fury Fatalists
2x lvl 11 Cockatrice
2x lvl 11 Matango
1x lvl 11 Catsaber
1x lvl 13 Mr. Champloo
1x lvl 12 Legendary Egg
Bonus Rank 5
Geo Symbols Yellow: No Lifting
Geo Panels red
Previous map Cooking Corridor
Next map Grudgeful Memory

Home Ec. Kitchen is the fourth map in Ch.2: Mao's Heart in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Mao, Almaz, and Beryl have found the Home Ec Kitchen. Mao says he doesn't care about the good smells of the other food; he only cares about cooking the dragon egg, all other food may as well be trash. His words are overheard by an Emeril-soundalike, Mr. Champloo. He doesn't believe Mao-tachi have come to attend class. The Martial Artists from the previous map say 'these are the guys who stole the dragon egg.' Champloo says their inability to acquire the egg proves their hearts were not ready. Beryl is excited at the prospect of taking this class in the future.

Mao tells Champloo he must eat the egg sunny side up. Champloo laughs, that Mao knows nothing about cooking but wants to cook a dragon egg. Mao doesn't understand what could be so hard about cooking an egg. Champloo challenges him to a cooking battle; the winner will be the one who can crack the egg first.


Once again, Beryl-tachi are present as 3rd-party NPCs.

Chain a few lifts together right near the base panel, and throw Mao up onto the red. If you space it well, he can land right next to the 3 on the bridge, Blade Rush them, and then move to be in range of Mr. Champloo, all in the first turn. Then again, be really careful, because Champloo has a high counter rate and does a ton of damage. Get a healer close by to heal Mao. Use your remaining characters to take out any other mobs, if possible. Aside from Champloo, the other mobs don't do excessive damage. After taking out Champloo, attack the egg to finish the map.


Mao asks if Champloo lost on purpose to teach Mao about cooking; Champloo says of course not. Mao tells Almaz to hurry up and cook the egg; Champloo has already cooked it, and set it on the plate... which is on Almaz's head. Somehow. Champloo begins to retreat, but Almaz asks if Mao eating the egg will really open his heart. Champloo says something crazy about cooking leading to the 'path of open hearts', and runs off.

Back at his room, Mao eats the egg, and is amazed at how great it tastes. Mao rushes to the Heart Bank, dragging Almaz with him.

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