Heart Vault (2)
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch.2: Mao's Heart
Enemies 7x lvl 13 Saucy Maos
Bonus Rank 6
Geo Symbols Red: +50% ATK. Green: Heal 20%. Blue: Evade. Yellow: +50% DEF. Purple: Attack +1.
Geo Panels Red, Gree, Blue, Yellow, Purple, two squares each
Previous map Grudgeful Memory
Next map Ch 3: The Freshman Leader! -
Blazing Firestorm

Heart Vault (2) is the sixth map in Ch.2: Mao's Heart in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Some 'Saucy Mao's, in an Italian and/or French accent, claim that hot sauce is the only condiment for eggs. Almaz wonders how many there are, and the Saucy Maos latch onto Almaz and label him a 'Salt and Pepper Lover,' and gang up on him.


This is the same base map as the previous Heart Vault, only with Saucy Mao mobs. They are not significantly overpowered for their level or anything. If they gain the advantage on the first turn and get on the Attack +1 symbol, they might hurt or kill someone, so try to avoid that. Otherwise, there's not much special about this map.


Mao feels that the Saucy Maos were strangely weak. Mao's True Heart appears; Mao claims that he (the True Heart guardian) is no longer needed, as the vault has already been opened by his will. Mao's True Heart wants to know if Mao and Almaz are really so stupid as to believe that eating a dragon egg sunny side up would open his heart. Mao doesn't understand why his heart won't open, and wonders if he was supposed to put salt and pepper instead. Almaz recalls Geoffrey saying that a barren heart can react to the slightest stimuli; and wonders if defeating the Saucy Maos made Mao hate hot sauce. Almaz laments that he can't find a way out of this 'stupid nightmare' and just get his title back already.

"516 hours until Almaz turns into a demon."

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