Heart Vault
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice map
Episode Ch.2: Mao's Heart
Enemies 4x lvl 9 Heavy Knight
2x lvl 9 Heretic
Bonus Rank 4
Geo Symbols Red: Weaken Enemy -50%
Blue: Boost Enemy +50%
Yellow: Boost Enemy +50%
Geo Panels Blue
Previous map Childhood Memories
Next map Dragon's Rest

Heart Vault is the second map in Ch.2: Mao's Heart in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Mao and Almaz arrive at the depths of Mao's heart. The gatekeeper says the fake hero title is inside the vault of the heart; Mao demands entry, and the gatekeeper denies him. Almaz is irritated, Mao is more irritated, and the gatekeeper doesn't believe that Mao really wants the vault door open.


Throw the Red Block to the blue panels; the Heavy Knights are bad enough without being so buffed. The Heretics and their bows aren't too awful, but the Heavy Knights take several hits to kill. A not-bad plan is to immediately destroy the Red Block, causing a chain and damaging everyone equally. Either way, keep a Healer close by to offset the Knight's counter damage.


Almaz wants to know why Mao says he doesn't want the title, but the gatekeeper of the true heart is implying that Mao wants to hold on to the title. The gatekeeper says that the only way in is for Mao to open his heart. Mao flips and says he would rather die. Almaz says Mao should ask Beryl for advice on how to do something like that.

Mao meets with Beryl to ask for the advice; she and her friends are shocked. Almaz comments that opening one's heart must really be hard for demons. Asuka wonders if Mao should go to the old school building, fight the legendary dragon that supposedly lives there, get its egg, and cook it and eat it (with hot sauce), which apparently will allow Mao to open his heart.

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