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Giant Golem Magichange

A Giant Wood Golem magichanging with a Valkyrie.

Giant Magichange
is a feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten that allows a Giant Monster to fuse with a humanoid character. The ability to do so is unlocked by defeating a Level 100 enemy with a Fused Monster. The Fusion Weapon Lab Evil Symbol will be unlocked and any monster placed there will have the ability to Magichange as a Giant Monster. Like normal Magichange, Giant Magichange lasts for a few turns and mostly has the same benefits but with a few additions.


  • The Humanoid character's attacks will have increased range and gain a 25% boost in power(i.e. Normal Big Bang hits a 3x3 AoE but Giant Big Bang hits in a diamond shape range, with four extra spaces added).
  • The Humanoid character will gain 30% of the Giant Magichanged Monster's stats as a weapon.
  • All 3 characters will gain EXP and Mana.
  • The character also has access to exclusive Magichange skills with increased range and power.


  • Like normal Magichange, if the character with the Giant Magichange Weapon is defeated, all 3 characters are counted as defeated.
  • Limited turn usage like regular Magichange.
  • Only Monsters in the Fusion Lab Evil Symbol can perform Giant Magichange.
  • It is possible for the humanoid character's stats to decrease if the Giant Monster's base stats are lower than the Humanoid's current weapon equipped.
  • The Bond of Souls evility will not work with Giant Magichange.

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