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Original image from Makai Kingdom

The Gear Metal Lex is a Vehicle found in Makai Kingdom. that later appears in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? It's a tank-like vehicle consisting of an oval-shaped body with two treads and a cannon on the front.

Makai KingdomEdit

It first appears as an enemy in the third chapter of Makai Kingdom's story, and is awarded to the player after finishing the map. Afterwards, It may be found in certain Random Extensions.

  • Fire At Will (Lvl 1/ATK/10 SP) - The target is blasted into the air and shot repeatedly by a steady stream of cannon shells.
  • Ark Fire (Lvl 15/ATK/40 SP) - A single shell is fired which flies in a looping path before striking the targeted area. Can hit multiple enemies.
  • Death Army (Lvl 25/ATK/80 SP) - The vehicle divides into several smaller duplicates which surround the target, then shoot it all at the same time, blasting it high into the air.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?Edit

The tank appears in this game under the name "Gear Metal YAY". It's Secret Files says it was found in a junk heap, and is as loud as a cat in heat. Unlike the Lex, The Yay fires a powerful beam in a straight line when fully charged up (firing it otherwise producing a damaging, but short puff of smoke).

Both Asagi and Laharl also make use of the tank in the game (Asagi using it as a campaign platform and Laharl trying to drop it on the player).

The names comes from the names "Metal Gear Rex" and "Metal Gear Ray" from the Metal Gear Solid series. The tank also has the ability to jump by using the arms on the side, referencing SNK's Metal Slug (SV-001) tank.

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