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Gaudy Entrance
D1area 07
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese ブルジョワ入口
Romaji Burujowa iriguchi
Location Dinero Palace
Episode A Hint of Kindness, Etna Mode Ep. 2 Space Detective
Enemies 9 total:
7 level 5 Male Brawlers
1 level 6 Female Pugilist
1 level 7 Male Pugilist
Enemies in Etna Mode 5 level 4 Zombies
2 Level 5 Ghouls
1 level 6 Female Pugilist
Bonus Rank 5
Geo Symbols Null
No Color Change (Etna Mode Only) Blue - No Entry (Etna Mode Only)
Geo Panels Blue (Etna Mode Only)
Previous map White Death
Next map Golden Courtyard

Gaudy Entrance is the first map of the third episode, A Hint of Kindness in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and the second episode of the remakes' Etna Mode. If playing through the main story (with Laharl as your main character), this map can only be accessed by completing 10 floors of an Item's Item World. Once done, equip it to Laharl (you can un-equip it, if desired, after the next step) and talk to the Dimension Guide. If the requirements are fulfilled, "Dinero Palace" should be selectable from the Stage Select Menu.

Typical StrategyEdit

All of the enemies in this stage have a high affinity for Counters, so only characters that have Skills or spells learned need apply here. The Bow-wielding Brawlers are actually the biggest threat, since any attempts to take them out using long-range physical attacks will be met with harsh response. Since Brawlers have very low RES, this map is best cleared with an army of Mages supporting a few durable characters. (Laharl and Etna are ideal.) Also take note of the Staff-wielding Female Brawler, she can cast Fire.

Etna Mode StrategyEdit

Etna's version of this map is more of a test on how well the player can protect their position. As such, long-ranged characters such as the Mage, Skull , Strider, and/or Archer are ideal for this map. The 5-Zombie wall is best met with a wall of 5 of your own characters (preferably high-HP characters, to further soak up the potential Poison). This way, the Zombies cannot escape from their position. This allows easy sniping using long-range attacks and Spells without fear of retaliation. Be wary of the Zombies' ability to cast Poison; have a Healer or two on hand to counteract it. Once the Zombies are destroyed, you can snipe the the two Wingmen from behind the No Entry barrier, then destroy the Blue Symbol once they have been defeated. The last two Zombies overseeing the Brawler can be killed using Spells or long-ranged attacks. The Female Brawler is wielding a Spear, so be aware of her attack range when attacking.

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