Forsaken Land
D1area 11
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 見放された大地
Romaji Mihanasa reta daichi
Location Frozen River
Episode Enter Flonne
Enemies 8 total:
5 level 4 Zombies
2 level 4 Archers
1 level 4 Male Cleric
Bonus Rank 4
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
Previous map Hall of Caresses
Next map Icy Breath

Forsaken Land is the first map of the second episode, Enter Flonne, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

There is no Story associated with this map.

Map StrategyEdit

One Zombie is hanging out by himself on the left; if no characters get close to all the mobs on the right, they won't trigger. It is possible to kill the lone one, then slowly draw out a few Zombies and avoid being swarmed.

Melee mobs cannot access to the Archers and the Cleric unless they are thrown. Giving a bit of a berth will prevent them from aggroing, but be ready to throw at least 2 humanoids in one turn, or the mobs will rush a solo character and do some pretty unhealthy damage. Spells are also a good idea, if the spellcasters have the horizontal range by now.

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