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Forget (or Amnesia) is a Status Ailment in the Disgaea series and other Nippon Ichi games. While inflicted with Forget, characters cannot use Special Attacks and spells, and must rely on normal attacks instead. In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Berserker characters can gain an Evility that boosts their attack power if they are inflicted with Forget.

Large red question marks will appear above a character's head when they are inflicted with Forget.


Two Specialists deal with the Forget ailment. These specialists are present in all Disgaea games.

  • An Amnesiac increases the chance that Forget will be inflicted with a normal hit to the target.
  • A Psychologist increases resistance against Forget and also decreases the number of turns a character will spend with the Forget status.

Attacks that cause ForgetEdit

Disgaea 1Edit

Disgaea 2Edit

  • Yukimaru's normal attacks sometimes inflict Amnesia (Kunoichi)
  • Memory (Thief)

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