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D3 Ifrit Concept

The Fire Demon is a class from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. The Fire Demon could be considered a Humanoid looking variation of the Great Wyrm class from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness but due to the appearance of the Wyrm as the Entei class in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days the Fire Demon is not considered the Wyrm's replacement.

Class OverviewEdit

The Fire Demon is a humanoid looking demon covered in flames and metal armor. He also has most of his body exposed to show off his large muscles. His hair is made of fire, his legs are engulfed in fire and fire will spurt from his fists every now and then. His face looks similar to the face of Zetta from Makai Kingdom. His high attack stat makes him deadly to face against. All of his skills are fire based. When a battle is getting intense he unleashes even more power (as shown with his native Evility "Overdrive" which increases his ATK by 10% for every Critical Hit). The Fire Demon can easily acquire Critical Hits as well. He can also Magichange into a Sword.

  • Move: 4
  • Jump: 20
  • Range: 1
  • Throw: 4
  • Counter: 2
  • Critical: 5%


Tier Name Requirements
D3 Ifrit 01
Stage 7-4 or "Persuade by Force" in Homeroom
D3 Ifrit 02
Level 45 Ifrit
D3 Ifrit 03
Level 100 Satana
D3 Ifrit 04
Level 200 Marid
D3 Ifrit 05
Level 400 Flamberg
D3 Ifrit 06
Level 800 Slust


Skill Name Power Stat Element Height Range
Demonic Flame E ATK Fire 18/18 -
Fire Blast D ATK Fire 18/18 3 (Straight)
Chaotic Flare B ATK Fire 24/24 -
Fires of Megiddo B ATK Fire 24/12 -
Burning Fever (Magichange) E ATK Fire 18/12 -
Flare Circle (Magichange) C ATK Fire 18/12 4 (Straight)


Evility Effect Requirements
Overdrive ATK increased by # of criticals occurred x10%. Initial
Energy Eater 10% of damage dealt by normal attack recovers SP. Tier 2 Lv30
Flame's Blessing Fire attack damage increased by 30%. Tier 4 Lv150
Fire of Revenge Stats increased by 10% per ally unit defeated. Tier 6 Lv800



  • The skill "Fire Blast" has the description of "It's different from those other world's spells". This may be a reference to Nintendo's "Pokemon" Franchise which has a fire attack called "Fire Blast".
  • One of the Evil Academy Class Assembly parties is the Muscle Party, made entirely out of Fire Demons. They are one of the 3 high ranking parties and thus hard to sway at first. But their obsession with Muscles can help you change their minds. However, the highest level Fire Demon at Level 1100 will always appear drunk.
  • They are the only monster class in Disgaea 3 which did not make the cut into Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

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