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Field of Virtue
D1area 61
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Location Celestia
Episode Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle
Enemies 3x Level 65 Strigoi
Level 70 Mid-Boss (Story)
Level 70 Neuntoter(Repeat)
Bonus Rank 19 - 22
Geo Symbols Level 60 Exp +50% (Red) x2
Geo Panels Whole Map (Red)
Previous map Bridge
Next map Paradise

The Field of Virtue is the first map of Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

In this area, the final battle with Mid-Boss takes place. Instead of a monster army aiding him, he only has three allies: 3 Strigois. The Strigois act exactly like Maderas in battle, possessing the same stats and weaknesses.

Map StrategyEdit

This map is great for leveling your weaker troops, since it has a "EXP 100%" effect active.

Try to kill the Strigois first, since they not only have access to area-of-effect attacks in battle, but they are deadly when they attack alongside Mid-Boss. Fire-resistant characters are a boon on this stage, since two of the Strigois' area-of-effect attacks are Fire-based. Try not to attacks the Strigois normally, since they possess a countering ability almost as strong as Mid-Boss.' Mid-Boss should be saved for last. Do not enter a Counter Attack war with him, as he'll pummel you into the ground if you don't have high HP. Try to attack using one big combo; starting from long-range, followed by your close range fighters hitting him close-up. Also, try to only use Skills if it's possible, since regular attacks will activate his Countering abilities.

Upon revisiting this stage, a Neuntoter takes Mid-Boss's place, along with same Strigois. However, the clearing strategy is the same. Also, the "EXP 100%" will still be in effect.

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