Fenrichspritehd  FenrichsdspriteFenrich
D4 Fenrich
Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten character
Kana フェンリッヒ
Romaji Fenrihhi
Japanese Voice actor(s) Wataru Hatano
English Voice actor(s) Patrick Seitz
Age 2079
Height 185 cm
Home Hades, Netherworld
Race Demon (Werewolf)
Class Steward

Fenrich is a character in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. He is Valvatorez's long time servant and fellow caretaker of the Prinny prison. He constantly praises Valvatorez and wants him to become the tyrant he once was. During the flashback episodes, it was revealed that before Fenrich met Valvatorez, he was a mercenary assigned with the task to assassinate Valvatorez.


Fenrich is Valvatorez's ever-loyal servant. He is willing to put his master's will and well-being above all else, even his own life. He constantly praises his master and dismisses any of Valvatorez's quirks as one of his "formidable powers." His attitude toward others, however, can range from disrespectful to rude to outright threatening, especially if they themselves are disrespectful towards Valvatorez. Despite how he occasionally refers to Valvatorez as "Lord Val", he himself dislikes any nicknames that others give either his master or himself that isn't out of respect, such as Fuka calling Valvatorez "Valzy" or himself "Fenfen" (although he strangely makes no remarks on Artina calling him "Mr. Vampire" or "Mr. Weirdo"), and becomes very irritated or uncomfortable if called a "tsundere." Fenrich has also repeatedly shown a cunning and manipulative side to him and will use whatever means necessary to achieve his objectives, even to the point of manipulating his own master. Prior to meeting Valvatorez, Fenrich never trusted anyone and only sought to accomplish his own personal objectives: money and ruling the universe. As the story progresses, despite dismissing Fuka's suggested possibility of Valvatorez having feelings for Artina, he becomes more overprotective and possessive of his master to where Fuka at one point questioned his sexuality (although it is likely that Fenrich is afraid that Fuka may be correct and his master will no longer be able to help him rule the universe).

Although Fenrich dislikes being called a tsundere, there are times where his rude comments are meant to disguise his true feelings. The most prominent example is during the DLC scenario to recruit the Medic where his inner thoughts revealed that he was genuinely worried about her safety.

In BattleEdit

Main article: Steward

Storywise, Fenrich is a skilled fighter and mercenary, earning him the nickname "Moonlight Fang." As a Werewolf demon, Fenrich possesses immense speed and physical strength as well as the ability to channel his mana into his fists to either make his strikes stronger or to release it in the shape of Hell Hounds. By directly absorbing the moonlight, Fenrich is able to transform into a large and menacing wolf, increasing his speed even further. His main weaknesses, however, is if he is somehow cut off from being able to absorb moonlight and silver bullets.

Fenrich is similar in nature to Brawlers from previous games, giving him a balance of Attack and Speed. As such, it's only natural for him to be good with Fist weapons. However, he can also use Axes. His native Evility "Tyrant's Slave" increases his stats by 30% when he is directly adjacent to Valvatorez. During the Flashback DLC, Fenrich has a different native Evility "Moonlight Fang" which increases the damage he deals with wind elemental attacks by 20% while decreasing the damage he takes from the same element by 20%.

His Unique Skills are Swift Power Shot, Dual Canine Attack and Vanargandr. All of his unique skills are wind elemental.

Swift Power Shot is a move that targets a single enemy that is two spaces in front of Fenrich and pushes them back a space. When performing this move Fenrich dashes around the enemy, confusing them before jumping at them and hitting them with a full powered punch, knocking them back. It is learned at Level 8 and has a Power Level of F.

Dual Canine Attack is a move that targets a single enemy and has a range of 3. This move has Fenrich leaping  and firing two charged balls of energy at the target enemy. These balls take on the shape of Hell Hound beasts and ram right into the enemy. It is learned at Level 32 and has a Power Level of D.

Vanargandr is a move with a plus shaped area of effect with a space diagonal to the left and right sides of the plus (having the same range of Almaz's Help Me Goddess skill). With this move, Fenrich turns into a full blown werewolf under a full moon and charges at the enemy, unleashing a massive slash attack. It is learned at Level 80 and has a Power Level of D.

Other AppearancesEdit

Disgaea D2: A Brighter DarknessEdit

Fenrich appears in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness as a Post Game character. He is fought alongside Valvatorez in the Rehabillation Room stage from Disgaea 4. He is Level 1000 like Valvatorez when recruited. He retains all of his specials from Disgaea 4.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceEdit

Fenrich appears alongside Valvatorez and Artina in a special DLC episode of Disgaea 5 and unlike Disgaea D2, he can be recruited during the main story.


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