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Evil Symbols are buildings that you can place on the Cam-Pain HQ. They are similar to the Clubs in Disgaea 3 except that anybody can be a part of more than 2 Evil Symbols at a time.They have an "Evil Area" around them that you can place characters in to give them special bonuses (for example, the Aura Pyramid lets all members within its Evil Area get 50% of the mana earned by a member who defeats an enemy).

You can increase your Evil Symbol size by going to Chara World. On the tenth floor of Chara World, clear all Geo Panels then enter the Mystery Gate. The mystery gate will either be someone who teaches you special skills or an Evil Area Expander. The max amount of slots including the leader is 6. Once you got an upgrade, go to your Cam-Pain HQ>>Place Evil Symbol>>Edit Area to add a new slot.

Evil Symbol Upgrade

Mana Cost











List of Evil SymbolsEdit

Unlocking Evil SymbolsEdit

Name Requirements
Base Initial
Aura Pyramid Initial
Training Ground Initial
Defense Fortress Initial Bill
Heart Cannon Initial Bill
Discipline Room Throw an enemy 3 times
Hall Monitor Successfully steal from an enemy
Babel Tower Use a Tower attack on an enemy
Cam-pain Board Pass 3 Bills
Nether Shoe Lab Unlock during Chapter 2
Nether Express Move 10 or more spaces in one direction with one unit. Place a high-movement character in the Nether Shoe Lab and have them move ten spaces in a straight line. Throw an ally at a friendly monster 30 times (they will bounce in the direction the monster is facing).
Sacrificial Altar During 4 stages have 2 units die
General Advisor Total of 10 units die in battle.   
Fusion Weapon Lab Kill a level 100 enemy using Fusion
Dual Dojo Kill a level 1000 enemy using Magichange
Item World Radar Defeat an Item King
Rosen Queen Clear Chapter 2
Legendary Tree Unlocked during Chapter 4
Information Bureau Clear Chapter 4
Blight House Clear Chapter 7
Beast Lab Clear post game event 6
Carnage Master Raise Base Stats to 20,000,000.

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