Endless White
D1area 20
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map

Japanese 永遠の白
Romaji Eien no shiro
Location Jotunheim
Episode Episode 5: Etna's Secret
Enemies Lv. 12 Puck x7
Lv. 15 Scout x2
Lv. 15 Ninja
Bonus rank 9
Symbols None
Panels None
prevmap Absolute Zero
Nextmap Terrible Cold

Japanese 永遠の白
Romaji Eien no shiro
Location Jotunheim
Episode Episode 4: Chronicles of Etnarnia (Cont.)
Enemies Lv. 25/Lv. 185 Sniper x3
Lv. 23/Lv. 175 Agathion x7
Lv. 25/Lv. 185 Ninja x2 (story)
Bonus rank 9
Symbols Lv. 20/Lv. 160 D1 Symbol Blue 'Attacks+1'
Lv. 20/Lv. 160 D1 Symbol Blue 'Damage 20%'
Panels Blue
prevmap Absolute Zero
Nextmap Terrible Cold

Endless White is the second map of both Episode 5: Etna's Secret in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and Episode 4: Chronicles of Etnarnia (Cont.) in the remakes' Etna Mode.


As Laharl, Etna and Flonne march through the Snowfields, they come across a group of Hobbit Monsters. Laharl interrogates them but gets nothing out of them. As Laharl continues to get frustrated, a Hobbit then speaks out, saying an Optimistic Phrase. Laharl gasps in horror, and as other Hobbits begin to join in, he starts screaming in agony. Flonne wonders whats wrong and Etna explains that optimistic and positive phrases are one of Laharl's weaknesses, as they physically cause him pain. Flonne then decides to experiment with this by saying "Eternal Love". That saying causes Laharl a huge amount of pain and anguish. Laharl yells at Flonne for saying the worst phrase of all. The Hobbits attack Laharl, and battle begins.

After the battle, Laharl criticizes Flonne for intentionally saying "Eternal Love." Etna says they should stop fooling around, they need to retrieve the photo. Meanwhile, in Celestia, Seraph Lamington asks the off-screen voice if he is sure this situation needs to continue. The voice says he isn't worried, but he will do something, just in case.

Map StrategiesEdit

During the first play-through of this map, Laharl's stats will be decreased due to the effects of the demons' positive sayings. This can cause problems if Laharl is being used as the primary fighter, meaning that the player may have to rely on generic characters and Etna. The map, however, is fairly basic and should not pose a significant problem.

Etna Mode StrategyEdit

The ememies on this map are divided in groups, which are spread all over the map. Area of effect skills or magic will be an asset in this fight. The Geo Symbols can be ignored. The 'Damage 20%' symbol isn't even on a colored panel, so it has no effect at all.

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