Emblems are a type of equipment that is found in the Disgaea series. Emblems are notable for being able to boost every stat (HP, SP, ATK, DEF, INT, RES, SPD and HIT). They are very powerful pieces of equipment especially the high ranked ones such as the Arcadia or Trapezohedron. They do not specialize in one stat such as Armor or Muscles.

In every installment of the game, All Emblems except for the Exodus, Arcadia and Trapezohedron will appear as prizes in the Hospital; in order of Emblem Rank. 

Disgaea: Hour of DarknessEdit

The best Emblem in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the Arcadia which can be taken from Priere when she joins your party after defeating her in the Alternate Netherworld bonus stage. It can also be stolen from Zetta (PSP and DS remakes).

For more details on accessory stats for Emblems, please see List of Disgaea Accessories#Emblems.

Disgaea 2: Cursed MemoriesEdit

The Emblems in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories remain the same from Hour of Darkness including Emblems found, Emblem Rank and the Arcadia remains as the Rank 40 Emblem. The Arcadia can be stolen from a Level 1000 Zombie King in Cave of Ordeals 5 like in Hour of Darkness.

Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeEdit

In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, a new Emblem was introduced, the Trapezohedron replaces the Arcadia as the Rank 40 Emblem and is considered the best equipment in the game due to its high overall stats. The Trapezohedron can be obtained from a Legendary Arcadia in the Land of Carnage just like any Rank 40 Item.

List of Emblems
Emblem Name Rank
Imperial Seal 4
Dark Rosary 8
Devil Ring 12
Feather Token 16
Sophia's Mirror 20
Pravada Necklace 24
Royal Ring 28
Testament 32
Exodus 36
Arcadia 39
Trapezohedron 40

Disgaea 4: A Promise UnforgottenEdit

In Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, the Emblems remain the same(emblems found and ranks) from Absence of Justice. The Rank 40 Emblem is once again the Trapezohedron and is still considered the best overall equipment in Disgaea 4.

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