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The Driller G is a vehicle that first appears in Makai Kingdom. It also makes a cameo appearance in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?.

The Driller G is a tank-like vehicle with a large drill mounted on the front.

Makai KingdomEdit

The Driller G is occasionally awarded after winning a Map, and may appear as a result of a random expansion event. The Driller G's attacks are powerful drilling attacks against single targets.

  • Tunnel Drill (Lvl 1/ATK/8 SP) - The Driller G lines up the target and drills through it.
  • Death Drill (Lvl 20/ATK/30 SP) - The Driller G drills into the target and rotates around it, drilling continuously.
  • Change! Drill X (Lvl 30/ATK/70 SP) - The Driller G tilts itself to face upwards and rockets high into the air, coming down on the target drill first.

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?Edit

Driller G's appear as a remote-controlled toy used by Catsabers. As long as the Catsaber is alive, the Driller will move along the ground and pursue the Prinny.

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